Explain the strategies of building as a bargaining

Explain the strategies of building as a bargaining

Bargaining is the negotiation done between different people in the political scene where the stakeholders have differences in terms of ideas that they have on how they believe they can develop their countries. Many governments around the world have been formed from negotiation among key stakeholders in political leadership. The negotiations are done based on the needs and wishes of the people that the political leaders are representing them. The negotiations may be made in the form of a memorandum on how the stakeholders will share power once they form the government. The negotiations might also include when the politicians are negotiating for political leadership positions, and the politicians ask the people to consider their agenda that they wish to deliver once they are elected to leadership positions. The negotiations use different strategies based on the strategy that the stakeholders believe are most effective and the agenda they want to meet in the long run.

There are different strategies used in politics is sharing the risks on a win over win deal. The conflicting parties share the risks and privileges. Sharing the resources such as political seats will make the stakeholders settle the grievances that made differences between the stakeholders (Shonk). The strategy ensures that all the stakeholders are contented by what they get from the negotiation so that there are no conflicts in future by people who might feel that they were not given equal opportunities from the rest of the people who were involved in the negotiation where the conflicts that could have occurred are eliminated.

The main reason why people opt to bargain is that they have interests on the things that are being fought for because they want to take advantage of other people and lead them and others to follow. One needs to have good bargaining and negotiation skills for them to be able to convince other people that their ideas are the best (Shonk). The negotiation might include other people who are not involved in the conflict to solve the conflict. The mediators don't have any interest in the issues being contested, and therefore they will deliver neutral judgments.

Some people might not want to include intermediaries who will decide on behalf of the stakeholders whenever they face challenges in having a middle ground. In some instances, the interests being fought for are of high risks because of the returns that they give whenever they take the opportunities. Also, the benefits of getting the opportunities might be high therefore the stakeholders might not want to give away or share interests, therefore, the negotiations might be difficult. In such a situation the conflicting parties might be asked to seek for the inter

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