Explicit Music (specifically rap) causes Violent and Hostile Behavior Amongst Teenagers

Explicit Music (specifically rap) causes Violent and Hostile Behavior Amongst Teenagers

In the current world, violence brought about by explicit content have been glamorized by music producers and artists. Surprisingly, such music sells a lot, and this is worrying since it sets a terrible example to children and teenagers in society.

Thesis: Explicit music tends to glamorize violence and affect the teenagers’ thinking leading to the development of aggressive or violent behaviors among them.

I chose this topic because nowadays, explicit music is viewed as a trend that earns many musicians a name and money. Rap music has been associated with such content and teenagers have been drawn to it as they are the primary consumers. Thus, by understanding the relationship between explicit music and violence as well as hostile behavior, parents and instructors will get to know how to regulate the content that children and teenagers listen to or watch.

To back up the argument, research will be drawn from many journal articles which are credible sources. One of them is the article written by Eliana Tropeano entitled ‘Does Rap, or Rock Music Provoke Violent Behavior?’which determines whether watching violent music videos would lead to aggressive behaviors. By referring to previous research, the argument would be strengthened. Another critical article would be derived from the American Academy of Pediatrics, and it claims that teenagers’ music preference is related to their behaviors.

I would expect the argument to start by defining what precisely explicit music is and who are the majority audience. Afterward, I will evaluate how this affects childhood development and the behavioral growth of teenagers. By doing this, I will indicate that explicit music videos, lyrics, and audios tend to change the perception of the listeners and the viewers towards violence. Thus, this makes them think that violence is the answer to everything and that it portrays them as the proponents of Western culture.



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