Exploratory research

I would research the background of the problem. In this regard, I would seek to understand the genesis of the problem of the poor-quality services and food at the unit. The focus of the research will first be to evaluate the service and food quality at the food unit. In this regard, I would also seek to understand the dimension in which the complaints of the services and the food quality is being raised. This will focus on the staff, the menu of the unit, and how the response of the customers' needs and concerns are addressed. This will help me to understand the background of the problem which is very crucial in addressing the cause of the problem.

The other type of exploratory research that I would conduct is the research to clarify the actual problem and the hypothesis behind it.  To understand the actual problem, I will need to link the background information with the exploratory study I will be conducting. For instance, to get to understand the complaints about lack of customer satisfaction wi

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