Exploring the use of AI in the e-learning system to facilitate pedagogy in secondary schools within Newham council

Exploring the use of AI in the e-learning system to facilitate pedagogy in secondary schools within Newham council


Artificial Intelligence offers better teaching practices among educators since they can acquire and apply several literate ways of thinking and reasoning based on information understanding Most of the teachers are prepared with skills and knowledge to teach learners at their preferred intervals and locations. It offers useful tools and adequate resources which are instrumental to teachers' and students in preparation for their sessions.AI shapes and help educators from all basis of life by implementing intelligent behaviors among the educationalists.It also focuses on studying animal as well as human intelligence using computational approaches, unlike schooling without AI.

Research Methodology

This segment of research methods and methodology outlines various stages from the collection of data, collation, analyzing, presentation techniques and interpretation of the data. This section gives a view on the process of obtaining data, the design process of the research, methods of analyzing data (Goddard & Melville, 2011). The methodologies, on the other hand, tend to show howthe distinctions between continuous and comprehensive assessment based on the previous system and the effect of AI on the previous regime. (Mark & Greer,1993).

It tends to enlighten and assess systems that are unrelated to AI and those that are related to AI(Bundy,1986).The distinction remains useful since it provides a precise definition of two systems. Community aspirations research commonly conducted through formative evaluation connect research with educational practices and implementing newly designed technologies. The research outcome would also be applied to address global concerns of other small states. The research methods for solving the problem statement helps to get the views of the students and teachers.(Conlon  & Pain,1996)Also proposed an idea of working together to ensure that the AI technologies are p valued to enhance the design and evaluation process.

Research Design

The research approach that recommended for this research will be an inductive one. The procedure is useful in observing specific i

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