Facebook as a Tool for Addressing Social Injustice

Facebook as a Tool for Addressing Social Injustice

Briefly Description of Facebook

Facebook refers to a free public website system which allows all people who are already registered be able to make profiles, post pictures,  video uploading as well as sending messages that enables them to keep in touch with their families, friends and the colleagues as well. The founder of Facebook is known as Mark Zuckerberg. He created Facebook in 2004 while he was still at Havard University with the help of his friend’s from school and the roommates as well. The purpose of designing facebook was to let other students in the university be communicating as well as socialization on facebook. People appreciated his idea in a positive way such that in the United States of American on the number of users was 160 million. Facebook has the highest number of followers this signifying that indeed Mark Zuckerberg came up with a good idea that will help to connect many people despite their distance.

Ways to protect the rights of clients using Facebook

Protect the user data from the third parties: It is done by restricting the user data from reaccessing apps. The third party only access the username, profile picture and email anytime user sign  in the system. In case the user has not been able to access the specific app for three months; therefore the developer will be cut off from being able to access the user’s data.

By conducting an investigation and remove evil characters those who abuse clients and user data. Every client has a right to enjoy Facebook, to access what is trending and the new ideas that are arising everyday day as well as having a quiet time to chat with friends, colleagues and the families. However, there are some individuals whose aim is to abuse others and threaten them hence make client develop a fear of using facebooks. As a result, the investigation will be carried out through conducting an audit of all the third parties app which is used by a large amount of the user data (Mattison,2012). Therefore those people found abusing others will automatically be restricted to access the facebook and with the help of the media, those individuals will be taken to court where punishment will be put on them to teach a lesson to those who are planning to start, to make them stop clients in facebooks.

Improving transparency with users: Transparency in Facebook will enable to show how data have been used; also it will clearly show users and the apps that have accessed the data that is not supposed to obtain; as a result, the users will be in a position to disable the apps that are not needed. Also, there will be updates to the users informing them that the third party abuses their data and so the users will be able to block the third party to avoid wastage of data.

Report individuals who practice cyberbullying or those threatening others. It is advisable to the users or the customers of Facebook that in case some individuals are threatening or bullying them into taking the matter to the police station where the police will work hard to ensures that they have courted the facebook criminals and punish them according. To those with small issues, I would advise the clients to block them and make sure that there is no way they can interact with them again for the sake of maintaining peace of mind

How the Standard of Technology and Social Work Promote Social Action and Client                                                        Advocacy

Using measures of technology which makes individual gain skills and knowledge and the practice of social work which entitles given services back to the community especially to the discriminated people, the helps a lot in social action by changing the behaviors of individuals to have presentable behaviors to the society. On the other side, client advocate this is an employee’s ensures he has satisfied his, for instance, providing the need and they want that a client may require. With the help of technology standards and social work practice, they help a lot in making the employees have the skills on how he is supposed to treat clients.

How to Apply Social Work Technology Using Facebook to Address Social Injustice

With the knowledge I have for social work on how to deals with the people who are discriminated in the community, I will be able to address using Facebook the issues of social injustice hence coming up with the solution of those issues. First: The Issue of unjust action practiced in society. That is practicing violence, for instance, children being mistreated by their stepchildren or when husband beats their wives, I will give warning to the people practicing those actions that if they continue harming and fighting others they will face a severe punishment in the court and the work of it they are likely to spend all their lives In prison. That only will be enough to make people stop harassing others since no one would like to spend their lives in jail.

Second, the issues of discriminating, where others are, and others are discriminated, for instance when parents favor some kids and discriminate others, second, when teachers discriminate some students due to their poor performance and finally in a situation where women are discriminated when it comes to the leadership. I will address the issues using Facebook to make all people understand that in case anyone is found victimizing others the likely hood of charges will be higher or else stay in prison for like two-three years in jail. For the instance of discriminating women in leadership, I will address the manner directly to the page of members of parliament telling them to try and equalize their leadership since what a man can do a woman can do better than that.

How to Apply Technical Standards in Support of Social Media

            As technology is advancing the same way, people are becoming more used to Facebook as a tool of communication. Since rules of technology are also meant to educate as well as adding new skills. I will apply it to ensure that the way of communication is also improving and that whatever I am posting on facebook is educating and making many people gain new skills. That is when passing an essential message to the users I always ensure that the information is short, clear and understandable since most of the users get bored when they see a long letter, and sometimes they don’t even attempt to read. I make sure that many people are viewing my updates because of the things that I am posting. Finally, with the help of technology standards now people can have many followers who will always be there to read and comments on the things that I posts.

The Estimate of Social Work Practice When Using the Online Environment

Social work is the work carried out by people who are trained; they aim to improve the condition of people in a community suffering from social withdrawals. On the other hand, the online environment means long distance learning that is conducted online. The approximate personnel that uses online environment is about  90% of the users; this is because many users who use Facebook are learned and so they understand the importance of social work to those people who are discriminated in the society. For instance, in case an organization wants to support a particular group in the country, it only needs to update people on the facebook concerning the events, the date, and the place as well. By so doing it invite all the people who are willing to support them as well as sending contributions from good wishes. Facebook came to ease things because people get to know all the activities of social works carried out at their comfort zone unlike in the early days where not all people could get the updates of the events that are taken place.

How Social Communication Promote Social Behaviour Theory and Social                                                               environment

Considering the approach of social behaviors where the argument understands the action of the community, their culture and the materials that are used to maintain their lifestyle. The users of Facebook are now coming up with the programs showing how every culture started, how people were living in the early days and how modern technology has brought many changes in terms of living and the way of dressing as well. The programs are meant to educate people as well as reminding them how early days things were being done in a different community. On the other hand, the social environment, it explains different cultures of individuals and how people were interacting with each other, in connection to that, Facebook has been a great channel of communication where people exchange ideas as well as the interaction between the different community. With the help of Facebook, people can interact with views as well as sharing their emotions as it was the main aim of the founder of Facebook Company.

Summary of How Social Media Promote Human Rights

Considering some of human rights such as ,First: Right to have the freedom,Facebook has played a significant role of ensuring that as long as an individual is registered he/she has the freedom to enjoy charting, sending pictures, viewing videos as well as posting anything they feel it is important without being restricted by anyone.

Second: the right of expressing one opinion, As compared to early days where if people have burning issues they wanted to communicate to the government they were to hold strikes for their problems to be heard.With the help of Facebook, if an individual or a group has some issues that they want to address to the public, or else they want the government to be aware of what is happening. There are groups formed wherein those groups there are also government agent who their work is to take the motion to the parliament, and after coming up with a solution, the matter is addressed to the member of the public

Third: Ban on both torture and discrimination. In the early day’s people were discriminated in the society and others were going through a painful moment, and no action was taken place. In the modern days if anyone is going through painful moments, and also being discriminated in society. They should make the picture, and the videos send them in Facebook, explaining what is happening to them, and as soon as the right people receive the matter, it is solved when people who were practicing those actions are taken to court. Facebook as a tool of social media it has been of great help since people are expressing themselves by saying what is happening back in the society and as a result, the police officers can deal with the issues harassing the rights of human being.

Leadership Skills in Social Work

Among the leadership skills required in social work include Empathy, there is a need an employee in social work to show sympathy since the kind of the people you meet needs to be understood as well as solving the challenges they are going through. Problem-solving. The social workers need to have skills since some problems that their client’s faces require one to have the skills on how to address them. Interpersonal skills: Most people undergo through stress emotional and physical emotional, therefore dealing with such people it only needs one to have the leadership of interpersonal skills to be able to understand them. Organization skills, The power is most of the sectors and so when working in as a social workers automatic it is necessary that one must be organized in the way of doing things since there is the possibility of meeting many clients and if there is no organization it will be hard to deal with all the clients. As a result, it becomes easy when an individual can have those skills since one can deal with all kind of the people he meets the course of operating.

Critical thinking on the summary of  how media promotes human right

The presence of Facebook supports human rights in such a way that every individual has freedom in whatever they are doing. Since Facebook was started, people have been able to express their feelings, emotions as well as addressing the matters they think are bothering them. As a result, it has helped the government and the officers responsible to always protect a human being.  For instance, if terrorist attack some areas and yet it happens that one the victims can access his phone, he will update on facebook group and status what is happening. By giving the details on the specific areas that terrorism is and within a short time the security will be sent to go and save the lives of the victims as well as dealing with the terrorists.





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