Facebook.com is a social networking website that provides its users with a platform to contact their friends and share their opinions, photos, status updates, thoughts and videos among others. The most significant function associated with Facebook is the development of relationships. For example, people might meet in different places like restaurants, conferences and become friends on facebook. They will start sharing ideas among other things and this might strength their bonds leading to more meaningful relationships in future. The good thing with Facebook is that it gives shy individuals an opportunity to socialize and establish a favourable environment before meeting the new found friends on a face-to-face encounter.

Facebook.com Concepts

The Facebook community entails a big world network that can be broken down in to smaller networks. This is through the small interest groups that people form on this platform. Individuals usually choose to be members of groups that suite them in one way or another. One can be a member of a group that aims at helping people in attaining their desired health status, a group involved in advising members on various programming techniques among others.

Facebook does create a favourable degree of social capital. Through the groups that people form on this platform, people tend to derive different forms of knowledge. The knowledge gained can be used in one way or another to improve the lives of the beneficiaries. Experts involved with disseminating the afro mentioned knowledge also tend to enhance their reputation and networking prospects.

Based on how the website operates, it has worked in promoting people’s civic values. Among the rights that have been promulgated by facebook is the freedom of expression. People are given the liberty to post what they wish as long as it does not contravene the law, or infringe other people’s rights.


With the networks created, individuals have the ability of improving various things in their lives. It is much easier to solve problems or getting a solution to situation that puts you in a dilemma when other people are giving you some advice. One might be missing an important part of the puzzle that is straight forward to other people.

It is a community that provides people with the opportunity to choose who to interact with or who not to. This is beneficial since it ensures that members are content with the people in their social circle.

Based on the avenue that it gives people to express their opinions and thoughts among other things, it has become a part of other users’ lives.  There are people who cannot go a day without spending some time on the website.

Implications for Individual Communication Practice

People that do not have the courage to share their life experiences and would want some input from third parties are usually given the relevant incentive. Seeing others speak their mind motivates them to come out of the closet and might get help in the process.

There is an aspect of caring and supportiveness that is developed in the process. This is through the comments that people leave on various statuses meant to console, appreciate or advice based on the content of the update made.

Groups formed with the objective of disseminating different forms of knowledge also act to show individuals that they cannot be all knowing, and once in a while they need to seek what others think regarding a certain situation.




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