Fall Prevention

Developmental changes include musculoskeletal changes, which may alter the posture and function of the patient. Also, the patients will experience decreased strength, the range of motion and flexibility. Second, changes in the nervous system result in slow reaction time and a decrease in the ability of the patient to respond to multiple stimuli (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014). Third, sensory changes will alter the vision and hearing of the patient, and this may cause an accident.

The interventions include the following. First, I will maintain a close supervision of the confused patient.

Rationale: Confused patients are at risk of getting injured due to inability to concentrate (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014). Reality orientation such as the use of the clock, notes, and calendar can help decrease or prevent confusion.

Second, I will encourage the patient to use slippers with a non-skid surface or properly fitting shoe.

Rationale: Due to gait imbalance, the patient is at risk of injury when walking without proper footwear (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014). Properly fitting shoes or slippers with a non-skid surface can help improve balance (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014). Shoes with low heal, thin and hard soles have a positive effect on the posture, balance, and gait of a patient.

Third, I will ensure that the call light is within reach and the patient understands how it functions.

Rationale: Weak patients are more likely to fall and get injured at night when trying to get out (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014). Maintaining call light within reach helps to provide the patient with a safe environment thus preventing cases of injury (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014).

Regarding evaluation, I will conduct hourly rounds. The hourly rounds contribute to reducing patient fall (Treas & Wilkinson, 2014). Similarly, the use of call light increases the perception of the patient on the responsiveness of the nurse. Second, I will evaluate for changes in the cognitive, motor and sensory status of the patient. I will review if nay injury has occurred.



Treas, L., & Wilkinson, J. (2014). Basic nursing: Concepts, skills & reasoning. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

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