Federal government

Explain what federal mandates are

The federal mandate refers to the any provision in the regulation, statute or federal court ruling that imposes an enforceable responsibility upon the tribal governments and the state (Hedge, 2018).It entails the condition of the federal duty and assistance that arise from the any participation from a voluntary service. It is also the intergovernmental mandate as well as the federal private sector mandate which is identified and defined under par (5) and (7). It is, therefore, essential to know that a federal mandate refers to any law as well as a regulation that directs a state, business, and other jurisdictions to act in a specific direction.
Give at least two examples of federal mandates that affect state and local governments in Texas.

The federal mandate that applies to the state of Texas and the local governments include the Clean Air Act(Hedge, 2018). Remember all people are entitled to clean air but most importantly people with breathing difficulties. It is, therefore, essential to know that the local and state governments of Texas must comply with the mandates, figure the best possible ways to implement those mandates by having them approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The federal government does not provide monies to the state governments to enact the mandate. Medicaid is another example of a federal mandate that is also applicable to the state of Texas as well as the local governments. It is implemented by the state monies as well as the federal government monies to enable the poor to get medical care
Explain why Congress imposes mandates on state and local governments. 

The Congress imposes mandates over the local as well as the state governments because it formulates new regulations as well as conditions for receiving grants from the national government(Hedge, 2018). It is, therefore, important to realize that the imposition of mandates by Congress over the state and local government to ensure they accomplish goals of clear importance to the American people.
Explain why state and local officials resent federal mandates. 

The state and the local officials resent the federal mandates because the federal mandate has broad authority over the numerous enumerated areas of the state government(Hedge, 2018). The powers of the federal government overlapps and get intertwined with the state powers hence making it difficult to separate the powers of the two entities. It is an issue that creates more resentment especially during the times of crisis such as the great depression when the federal government oversteps its mandate to provide the much-needed aid and support in areas that are typically under the control of the state government mandate.
Discuss whether you believe federal mandates on state and local governments are good or bad.

The federal mandate, particularly on the state as well as the local government, is a beautiful thing for the American people especially during the moment of crisis(Hedge, 2018). It is a good thing because it allows the local and state government to be responsive to the specific needs of the American peoplewhile also binding together the states into the larger nation. Remember it is the powers of the federal government over the state and local government that enable the federation to bind together since the federal can assert its authority through the mandates and grants.




Hedge, D. (2018). Governance and the changing American states.Routledge.

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