Federalism is a government system in which there is a division of power between the federal government and various state governments. In the United States, the states were there before the creation of the national government in 1787. This division of power is essential for a country but have you ever imagined what the United States would be without a federal government? In this study, we are going to imagine the US without a federal system and the changes that would likely occur as a result of this unitary form of government.

If this form of government was not adopted, there would not have been experimentation and freedom to think as a group (Quora par 1). The states have the power to make their own laws under the rule of governors and mayors without necessarily answering to the national government. This lawmaking process by the states results in the development of different philosophies which works better in most cases.

Supposing the central national authority ran the country, citizens would not be allowed to vote with their feet. Voting with your feet has a stronger political impact than voting at the ballot box. Citizens have rights to vote in whichever state they feel like without necessarily moving to another country in the federal system (Quora par 2). The unitary form of governance does not allow an individual to move from his/her state because of maybe disliking a particular leader.

There would not be accountability of people to the government as well as the closeness of the people to the government.  It is challenging for citizens to present their opinions on national levels than on state levels. It is easier for the grievances of citizens to be displayed on state levels before reaching national levels because the governors and mayors are also superior (Quora par 3) Their superiority will give them audience to the central government unlike if a group of ordinary citizen tried reaching out to the central government.

In conclusion, the unitary form of government would not be an improvement to the well being of the United States because it makes innovation difficult and it inadequately represents and satisfies the will of the citizens.


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