Field Notes and Coding

Field Notes and Coding




Observation Reflection on what I observed: (this can include feelings, thoughts, questions for further consideration, etc.)
Teacher started  by asking a question and picked the first hand up Was the teacher just quick to pick the first hand up or was she trying to save some time? Was this on purpose or did it just happen?
Teacher uses hands signs while explaining everything Is it that students understands better when the teacher uses hand signs or is it just natural for the teacher to use them?
Teacher explains the purpose of an expert group is to come up with ideas learnt and details to report Do the students know how to generate the main idea or the details to report? Do they even know how to write an outline or they will write a story report?
Teacher shows the students the graphic organizer that they will use Have the students previously practiced with the organizer? The teacher did not demonstrate how to use the organizer rather she just showed them the organizer.
Students quickly form groups without wasting time Good rapport among the students, they are comfortable with quick movements
Students begin reading and writing notes Are the students just writing what they are reading or are they generating new ideas?
Teacher moves from group to group and engages the students in their discussion Relationship between the teacher and students very friendly and respectful
Teacher calls the students to the front carpet and  tells them to leave their clipboards behind for all the knowledge is in the mind The students seem to follow instructions very quickly and respectfully.
Teacher asks the students to say what they learnt and not what they read Can the students differentiate what they have learnt from what they have read?
Students are very quick in answering the question of what they learnt in the expert group The students seem to be quick learners. They are eager to say what they have learnt
Student says she learnt something from another student not in her group Student not afraid to speak her mind and praise her friend, environment in the classroom very open
Teacher asks the question who knows the difference between Perennials and annuals followed by who learnt about Perennials and annuals Teacher asks about the difference between Perennials and annuals but then remembers the students might not even have the knowledge about Perennials and annuals, was this on purpose?


Red-Teacher involvement

Pink-Student to student interaction

Yellow-Teacher to student interaction

Green-Teacher actions

Blue-students actions

Reading Rockets. (2012, February 16). Jigsaw [Video file]. Retrieved from:


Response to Haley Horvath

Great coding Haley, I like the way you have arranged your points and coded them. I agree with you that the students seem very familiar with the jigsaw activity. Did you notice how quick they answered the question of whether they recall about jigsaw? The question was answered quickly meaning the students must have practiced with the jigsaw again. In addition, the teacher never demonstrated ho to use the graphic organizer but the students still used it. This is an indication that the students already had the knowledge of the organizer.

As the students read, they write. It is unclear what type of note they are writing. Have they even been taught on how to take notes? In groups like these, an outline is more effective but do the students have knowledge about writing an outline? Though the teacher comes round interacting with the groups, she does not seem concerned about the writing. This is common when the teacher already knows that the students have knowledge of what they are doing.

Response to Amity Glenn-Chase

Great piece of work Amity, when a teacher picks the first hand up, it is on purpose to appreciate the student for the effort of being the first to raise the hand. In addition, it can be also to save time given that teacher have limited time with the students and always strives to utilize the time maximally. The teacher was not just quick to call on someone just for the heck of it; she was trying to be quick for the task ahead.

It is common for a teacher to finish a sentence for a student. Once the student has laid down the point, the teacher is confident that the students knows the next part and goes ahead to finish the  part in the interest of saving time. In addition, this allows for continuity in explaining a point. Instead of stopping to let the student finish, the teacher goes ahead so that the students can understand better.

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