Final Assignment

Part One

While happiness is important in one’s life, meaning is more significant in contributing to human well-being. Indeed, happiness cannot guarantee meaning in one’s life but the evidence of meaning qualifies as a source of happiness. It is therefore better to be unhappy and have a meaning in life than being happy and lacking meaning. Happiness is the aspect of feeling good and is associated with the attainment of pleasure. It is associated with a selfish desire to take good things for oneself. Studies have pointed out to the fact that happiness guarantees individuals a healthy life and good life outcomes. However, happiness without meaning is nothing short of a selfish life and cannot equate to the sense of meaning. The possession of a sense of meaning in life is characterized by a behavior of selfless giving.

Although happiness is associated with feeling good, individuals attract a sense of meaning from their contribution to others in the society. Indeed, having a meaningful life does not necessarily equate to happiness although there is a correlation between the two terms. By having a sense of meaning, an individual orientates their life to something bigger than self giving their lives a sense of direction and belonging. Studies have actually found that people with happiness and no sense of meaning are similar to those suffering from chronic adversities. Living a life that is high on happiness and low on meaning is therefore futile as one is bound to suffer from chronic attacks. Obviously, meaning is far better and translates into a relatively better life than happiness. It is therefore better that I lead an unhappy life than cope with a life that lacks meaning.

Part Two

In the course of my life, painting, listening to music and yoga practice contributes to a consistent flow in me. The experience of flow emanates from my deep absorption into the activity derived from my desire in taking part in these activities. For the last one week, I have incorporated two of these activities in my daily routine to examine the feelings that the activities gave me. Every morning, I would engage in yoga sport early in the morning before taking part in any other activity. Also, I would take some time off my day to actively listen to music as part of my daily routine. Following these changes, I have observed a better life both at the personal and professional level. I now have more motivation to partake in life and I find myself looking forward to every passing day.

The involvement of flow inducing activities in my daily routine has sparked feelings that I never had before. Following the engagement in these activities, I would feel more important in life and experience a deep feeling of satisfaction. For instance, the engagement in the sport of yoga culminated in a better feeling and a desire to accomplish my daily goals. Every day, I felt like my general health was improving owing to the contribution of the flow activities. In addition, the continued integration of flow inducing activities culminated into the realization of meaning in life. The activity of listening to music generated a good feeling that resulted in abundant happiness. I accrued happiness from accomplishing these activities and looked forward to partaking in the activities once more.


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