First Day of School Plan

First Day of School Plan

Class Management Strategy

The management strategy in the First Day School Plan is the Model Ideal Behavior. It allows the teacher to model positive behaviors to the students with the objective of creating a functional and friendly classenvironment. The creation of the model will be attained through the use of a politelanguage, creating eye contact with the learners, offering the studentsadequate time to speak, raising concerns on issues that may derail the learningprocesses.

Expectations from the Learners

The management strategies intend to model the behaviors of the learners and ensure that there is the upholding of behaviors that create a friendly learningenvironment. A well-managedcall implies that all learners will have a chance to learn more, there is a realization of the learningexpectations, and there is reeducation in time wastes.

Class Setting on the FirstDay

The class will have an interactive atmosphere where the learners will easily share thegoals and expectations of the goal. It will offer an ideal time forlearning the values, strengths, and weaknesses of all students. There will be group interactions, sharing of personal details such as names and interest. The class will alsofeature the covering of the goals of the class and the conduct that will be upheld by the students.

Best Practices

I will ensure that there are no interruptions while other people are speaking. It will allow for the development of respect to the opinions of different learners. I will equal stress on model behaviors such as commitment, hard work, care and respect to other people. After understanding the abilities of each learner, I will formulate some of the interventions that will create an inclusive classroom environment.  I will ensure that there is an elimination of behaviors that may trigger conflicts or discrimination.

Introduction to the Students and Families

After the first meeting with learners, I will give the students letters to take to their parents. The letters will have a brief introduction, personal details, learning objectives, and their role in ensuring that the classroom objectives are met. The letter will form the basis of creating a collaborative learning approach where the parents and other educators take an active role in the implementation of the learning objectives.

Introduction of Classroom Procedures and Expectations

I will use both written documents and visual presentations. I will give each student a copy of the learning objectives, to-do activities, and expectations. I will also use visual impressions such as images and short videos. They are captivating and make it easy for the students to grasp the message being conveyed.  I will adopt an interactive model where the students will have an opportunity to ask questions that they have.

How will the Ideas be reinforced?

I will come up with videos that can be shared among the students. The videos will be easy to understand and comprehend. I will ensure that I involve the learners in the making of the learningmaterials. The purpose of the move is to ensure that there is inclusivity in class. Ensuring that there is the inclusion of all persons will come in handy in minimizing cases where some learners are left behind in the learning processes.  I believe that the use of the approaches will make it possible to attain the learning objectives and also create a positive learning environment.

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