First Impressions

First impressions are the incident when one person first encounters another person, and as a result, he forms a mental image of that person. The first negative impression I made was avoiding maintaining eye contact, and so patients thought that I was shy. Although my first impression did not lust for long, to change my first impression to the patients and my co-worker I had to prove that I was confident enough by greeting them and standing before them. Although after some seconds I could now keep eye contact  and listen to my patients, it did not work correctly as I had expected since  most of the patients lost trust in me and they thought  that due to my  first impression I could not give them the best as they hoped and to convince them it was somehow challenging. As a result, their interactions with me were very poor because of the first impression I created to them.

The five things that can bring a positive first impression to the patients include the smile. Smiling is preferred as the best impression that makes patients stay positive (Papaspyridakos et al.,p 220). Being on time, for instance, when giving the patients an appointment it will make the patient feel nice if I arrive there on time. Avoid the use of the phone when talking to the patients and hence concentrating on what the patients are saying to make them feel respected. Be confident. One should be confident when dealing with any person to make them think that their problem will be solved correctly. Maintain eye contact. Maintaining eye contact will eliminate the doubts that patients are likely to develop when they are explaining the disease they are suffering.




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