A Focus on the Democratic Republic Of Congo

A Focus on the Democratic Republic Of Congo

A weak state re states that supply inadequate political and economic goods to its citizens. This is a state that depends largely on donations to survive. They are defined by linguistic, religious, ethnic and other tensions that decrease the state’s ability to deliver political goods. Corruption is common in these states and the GDP per capital is on the decrease.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is considered a weak state for several reasons. The country is characterized by tensions especially in the Eastern part of the country. Wars have been consistent since the 1994 and the death toll has topped 5.4 million (Council on Foreign Relations). More than three million people have been displaced while more than one million women have been victims of rape. Another reason is that the productivity of the country is on the decrease. The country has a lot of potential and a vast farm land which remain unexploited. On average, the people in CDRC live on less than $200 yearly on average. This is less than half of what they did in the 1970s (Council on Foreign Relations).

It is important for the country to address the problem of Conflict Minerals that is interwoven with armed groups. If the government is able to exploit the mineral deposit in the country, this can lead to an increase in the GDP per capita. Armed groups that exploit these resources should be disarmed or a peace treaty should be struck. It is clear that those who exploit these resources and minerals always have a market for them. The international community should come together to impose restrictions on these resources in the international market.

If I was the leader of DRC, liberalism would be the best option. Liberalism is best to have more interactions with foreign countries because with the dangerous in DRC, international cooperation is in the best interest of the country (Burchill, 2013). The country depends largely on foreign donations and following international organizations and rules can foster prosperity. With the hard political and economic conditions, the country requires the international community for prosperity and aid. A fifth of the total country’s budget comes from foreign aid.



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