Food and Diabetes in America


In the US there are those people with a lot of food while others lack enough of it or even don’t consume the best quality of the food that they would expect. On the other side, others are lacking it, and there are those who are suffering from diseases like diabetes because of the type of food they are consuming. This means that they have plenty of it while there are others that are suffering from malnutrition. For instance, 40% of the children in a kindergarten in New York City are overweight. On the other hand, there is a system of food insecurity such that people do not eat a balanced diet. Some people are proposing to ban the use of food stamps in the purchase of soda. This is because these junk foods are being used in worrying levels. This is why cappuccino and other junk foods are so prevalent in the US. Those who have a lot of food can limit the number of calories they eat in a day. According to (Gijsbers, Lieke, et al. 1115), he argues that Americans could avoid harmful calorie levels by eating a half grapefruit, vegetables, Melba toast and tea without much sugar. Eating for pleasure has been the primary purpose of the people in the US. Americans nowadays eat a lot of junk and food with less quality which is leading to them suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Foods helping Americans to stay away from diabetes

High protein diets that are usually low in fat content is one of the best diet plans for encouraging a person who doesn’t want to suffer from diabetes. Such diets contain about 15 or 30% energy that works for individuals who are on weight loss plans (Arnoldi $ Anna 10). To stay away from diabetes Americans eat foods that are rich in high protein, but low-fat content includes eggs, chicken breast, and almonds. Besides, other such foods include cottage cheese, yogurt, oats, milk, lean beef, broccoli, tuna, lentils, all types of fish, shrimp, peanuts, and other related supplements. It is essential to examine the characteristics of high protein diets and low-fat diet, as well as their qualities that promote diabetes avoidance.

Caloric restrictions and exercise are the primary preventive mechanisms for diabetes (Horowitz, Carol, et al. 1550). Substituting dietary carbohydrates with high protein content significantly improve body nutritive composition in many areas, such as blood lipids, insulin sensitivity, and glycemic control. The foods rich in high protein content are the same as those for low-fat diets. Additionally, one may take salmon, soy, Greek yogurt, whey proteins, quinoa, and pumpkin seeds.

The increased take of a high protein diet may not affect the blood glucose level a great deal. Individuals with diabetes could take extra protein instead of high carbohydrate if they are hungry after meals. However, diets rich in high protein are associated with heart problem despite leading to weight loss. Some protein sources have high Tran’s fatty acid content that is associated with the risk of diabetes, and subsequently, this may lead to heart problems (Alba-Loureiro et al. 300).

The energy levels are usually affected by the changing body weight; for example, a deficit in the energy level is attributed to weight loss (Morris et al. 55). According to Story, Mary et al. (264) glucose levels restrictions can be achieved by avoiding diabetes. Additionally, high protein diets are usually low in carbohydrates, and they are reported to lead to weight loss. Sustained weight loss is generally as a result of reduced food intake for individuals who are avoiding energy deficit. High protein diet can decrease the metabolic rate due to the effect of weight loss. Eating high protein foods reduces muscle loss that is responsible for increased metabolic rate; hence, it leads to sustained weight loss if not balanced with adequate calories intake.

Americans managing their health through eating

The need to promote diet low in fat was prompted by an increase in obesity worldwide, which became a health concern. Low carbohydrate meal is a possible alternative to the low-fat diet, which can achieve weight loss goals (Gijsbers, Lieke, et al. 1117).  Foods that are low in fat content are mainly from plants, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain products. Additionally, there are animal sources of low fat, such as dairy products, lean meat, fish, and poultry among others. Plant sources of low-fat foods are free from blood sugar problems. Besides, healthy fats such as avocado reduce diabetes risk every day.

A low-saturated fat from plant diets significantly reduce the risks of heart diseases (Arnoldi $ Anna 14). The low-fat diet has been used for lowering harmful low-density lipoprotein LDL) cholesterol. Healthy women have reported that a low-fat diet alone has helped them to get their cholesterol levels under control. Besides, low-fat contents have benefits for heart health due to their anti-inflammatory quality. The low-fat contents are useful for weight loss because they reduce the energy levels, as the body uses reserve food for proper brain function. Sustainable weight loss is achieved with a low-fat diet because it cut calories and reduces the energy that the body burns.

Effects of fast foods to the busy American lifestyle

Americans economy is always referred to as one of the fastest growing economies around the world. This is because as other people are working for approximately 8-10hours a day, people in America work for around 12-16 hours a day. With this busy and tight schedules, the eating habits are interrupted where they get less to no time of having to make some decent foods from their homes. This leads to them having to depend on fast foods from the hotels and restaurants that are made ready for consumption. These fast foods have had an effect on Americans to some level. One of the positive impacts is that they have helped in creating some time for them to work and worry less about the duty of having to go to their houses and cook. However, it is good to note that most of the fast foods are junk and have led to the high risks of getting diabetes (Horowitz, Carol, et al. 1551). This is because most junk has a high level of cholesterol which when consumed can result in the changing of glucose level in the body causing diabetes.

Food quality in America and Asia

People believe that food produced and manufactured in America is of higher quality as compared to foods imported from Asia due to a number of reasons. Most countries in Asia are from the gulf while others are arid or semi-arid. This environment is not suitable for the growth of foods to be consumed, and yet we find that countries in Asia still export food commodities to other countries such as America. Secondly, there have been recent scandals that Asia has been exporting synthetic rise and eggs that are made of plastic. These claims have not been fully verified, but that has been one of the reasons as to why people have been made to believe that foods prepared in America have more quality than those in Asia (Arnoldi $ Anna 14). The claims are that these foods are causing diabetes to those who consume them and should avoid them at all costs. Lastly, a country like China is always competing with America in terms of trade and economy and to counter this, economists from America tend to put up claims that foods from Asia are of less quality just as an economic tactic to downgrade your competitor.

How America keep track of foods imported from other countries

To stay away from diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, obesity among others, it is vital that the government should regulate any types of food that enter into America from other countries. There are several agencies and parastatals that the government has put up in place to keep track and check the imported foods to make sure that they are safe for consumption by the American people. One of the leading causes of diabetes is the type of food that people are consuming. Food security has become an issue and to counter this the government of America through the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) checks or any harmful samples from the foods exported from outside countries and makes sure that anything that the citizens of America consume is safe (Gijsbers, Lieke, et al. 1117).


Diabetes has become a killer disease which is expensive to treat and control while on the other hand, it is a disease that can be prevented by regulating the foods that we consume. The discussion provided healthy foods to eat that can help in avoiding and staying away from diabetes. Eating natural foods and foods with less level of cholesterol and calories is the best is the best method to keep healthy and free from diabetes. The government, on the other hand, has come up with different measures through which it regulates and monitors foods that the Americans consume. This applies to both the imported and exported foods whereby they pass through the government’s laboratories and the Food Safety and Inspection Service for scanning and checking for the existence of harmful substances before being released to the citizens for consumption.



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