Food and Diabetes in America


In the US there are those people with a lot of food while others lack enough of it or even don't consume the best quality of the food that they would expect. On the other side, others are lacking it, and there are those who are suffering from diseases like diabetes because of the type of food they are consuming. This means that they have plenty of it while there are others that are suffering from malnutrition. For instance, 40% of the children in a kindergarten in New York City are overweight. On the other hand, there is a system of food insecurity such that people do not eat a balanced diet. Some people are proposing to ban the use of food stamps in the purchase of soda. This is because these junk foods are being used in worrying levels. This is why cappuccino and other junk foods are so prevalent in the US. Those who have a lot of food can limit the number of calories they eat in a day. According to (Gijsbers, Lieke, et al. 1115), he argues that Americans could avoid harmful calorie levels by eating a half grapefruit, vegetables, Melba toast and tea without much sugar. Eating for pleasure has been the primary purpose of the people in the US. Americans nowadays eat a lot of junk and food with less quality which is leading to them suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Foods helping Americans to stay away from diabetes

High protein diets that are usually low in fat content is one of the best diet plans for encouraging a person who doesn't want to suffer from diabetes. Such diets contain about 15 or 30% energy that works for individuals who are on weight loss plans (Arnoldi $ Anna 10). To stay away from diabetes Americans eat foods that are rich in high protein, but low-fat content includes eggs, chicken breast, and almonds. Besides, other such foods include cottage cheese, yogurt, oats, milk, lean beef, broccoli, tuna, lentils, all types of fish, shrimp, peanuts, and other related supplements. It is essential to examine the characteristics of high protein diets and low-fat diet, as well as their qualities that promote diabetes avoidance.

Caloric restrictions and exercise are the primary preventive mechanisms for diabetes (Horowitz, Carol, et al. 1550). Substituting dietary carbohydrates with high protein content significantly improve body nutritive composition in many areas, such as blood lipids, insulin sensitivity, and glycemic control. The foods rich in high protein content are the same as those for low-fat diets. Additionally, one may take salmon, soy, Greek yogurt, whey proteins, quinoa, and pumpkin seeds.

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