Food Diet

Lisa Miller’s “Divided We Eat” is a fantastic piece that discusses the quality of food and its inadequacy in the united states of America. Through this article, we get to know the food situation of Americans, both the rich and poor. This article analyses the theme of quality food diet in the US.

There are those people in the US that have a lot of food while others do not have enough of it or the quality of the food. While there are those who lack it, there are those who are going obese because they are overeating. This means that they have plenty of it while there are others that are suffering from malnutrition. For instance, 40% of the children in a kindergarten in New York City are overweight.

On the other hand, there is a system of food insecurity such that people do not eat a balanced diet. Some people are proposing to ban the use of food stamps in the purchase of soda. This is because these junk foods are being used in worrying levels. This is why cappuccino and other junk foods are so prevalent in the US. Eating for pleasure has been the primary purpose of the people in the US. Americans nowadays eat a lot of junk while there is still food insecurity which is linked to housing and other economic measures such as employment and real wage.

Those who have a lot of food can limit the number of calories they eat in a day. In his book Paradox of Plenty, Harvey Levenstein argues that Americans could avoid harmful calorie levels by eating a half grapefruit, vegetables, melba toast and tea without much sugar.

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