Foodways and health beliefs

My normal foodway consists of bread, milk, dumplings, meat,  and fruits and vegetables. I consider pizza to be of a high class because it is nutritious. So far, I do not have food I feel to be of low status.I eat dinner with my parents and siblings since I stay at home.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, turkey is a must. It is eaten with bread, dumplings, corn, and salad preferably red cabbage.My favorite home-cooked meal is spaghetti and meatballs, and we eat this at least three times a week because it is, tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare. I have always had dinner with my parent s and siblings, and we ate home cooked dinner except for days that we would go out. As a child, I only ate away from home when in school.

I love to eat convenience and snack foods. My favorites include chopped veggies, dried fruit, canned beans (processed); packaged chips; and commercialized fruit juices. Per week, I eat about seven meals away from home. On a social gathering, my friends and I prefer to eat fried chicken and chips, hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, and commercialized drinks.

My current diet includes meat, vegetables, bread, and dairy products and it is similar to my childhood diet. My family loves to eat red and white meat at least four times a week. The practice has influenced my choice for eating these types of meat whether at home or not. My parents ensure that we take vegetables in every meal and I have grown to love them and I make sure that I take a vegetable salad per day.

I learn about appropriate foods, nutrition, and food and health from various resources such as my family, classes, friends, social media, TV and magazines.  Of course, all the above resources have their opinions and preferences on the type of food one has to consume to ensure good health. These sources are rich sources of nutrition information, and they help me explore various food cultures in American society.



Heritage Foodways

My family name is Reich, and according to history, the term is German and Jewish, and it is a nickname of a powerful or wealthy man of noble descent in Germany. The traditional German foods include Sauerbraten (Roast Beef Stew); Rinderroulade (Beef Roll); Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle); Kartoffelkloesse (Potato Dumplings); Kartoffelpuffer (Potato Pancakes); Sauerkraut (Fermented Cabbage); Bratwurst (Grilled Sausage); and Spätzle (Egg Noodles).

Some of our current eating habits are different from those of my German heritage. For instance, we do not follow the foodways of the German culture that is, eating specific meals at a particular time.  For example, during breakfast, a typical German starts with a hot beverage such as tea, coffee or hot cocoa.  Then, bread (Brot) or bread rolls (brotchen) is served with a variety of toppings and spreads like butter, margarine, and honey.  The bread is eaten with a glass of juice and a boiled egg. Young adults prefer to eat cereals with dried milk and cornflakes. Currently, we take cereals, milk, and fruit s breakfast although we can make pancakes when not busy. Besides, most of the food we eat is different from that of Germany. This is attributed to the fact that we have become more accustomed to the American food culture, and to be honest, we do not know how to prepare meals according to German Cuisine.

Some factors from my culture influence my current eating habits. The German food culture consists of a lot of pork, and this has impacted how we consume pork. For example, I eat lots of bacon, sausages and pork knuckle. Still, I try to eat a  healthy breakfast as the Germans do and I love using spreads and topping on my bread and doughnuts.

Meal Observation

People love food, and they like to go to food outlets that make their favorite foods or snacks. I had a chance to talk with some people eating t my favorite food outlet, and they confessed that they love it because it fulfills their desire in terms of taste and quality.  So, people interact depending on the type of food they eat as it gives them a chance to share their experiences of their food habit and talk about other food nutritional issues. For example, I was eating a ham sandwich, and those with the same order found it easier to sit beside me and strike a conversation. I noticed that the customers at the food outlet also talked with the sellers to express their opinion on the food items.

In conclusion, the project has made me learn that food is a socializing agent since it brings people together. I am however surprised at how little I have tried to explore various types of food because I tend to follow the food diet we eat at home. From my interactions with other people, I realized that there are multiple ways to alter a diet and make it more nutritious and delicious at the same time. For example, most people take smoothies as opposed to taking commercialized drinks such as soda. I have never been a fan of smoothies, but it is high time I tried such diets because they are healthier and less costly.


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