Forensic accounting

The main aim of forensic accounting is to make sure that the practitioners discern whether a crime took place or not. Probative value is provided which shows whether the crime or related event took place. The review, therefore, focuses on the impacts of emotions on juror decision making.

The following are the impacts of emotions on forensic practitioners. According to my opinion, persuasion by emotion is not good. It makes individuals process data through the effortful and deliberative method. Emotions on forensic practitioners deplete the ability to process data deeply. Especially in the case where scientific evidence is needed, feelings creates shortcuts in information processing hence conveying non-optimal information. The article says that stereotypes are reinforced by the jury emotions causing biasness to the facts, thus, leading to non-optimal results.

There are various ways in which emotions may affect my forensic practice. Emotions make an individual to make a brash judgment when delivering information. For example, people in a sad state can use stereotypes when making judgments. Emotions also cause an individual to be influenced by the credibility of the speaker hence presenting the wrong information. Emotions may affect decision making in the forensic practice over and above the probative evidence presented making a juror to be susceptible to biased decision making.

There are various implications of this article for the forensic practitioner. From their experience, juries are capable of separating the chaff from the wheat. There is a need to counsel from both sides in a trial to vet the prospective jurors and examine the potential bias existence. If this process works, individuals can ascertain a reduction of unintended impacts. It will also prove that the trial is a fair game.


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