Forum Discussion

Growth is essential for any organization as it helps a company to increase its revenue in the future. Innovation is one of the factors that make entities develop faster. The workers of the firm should also be trained on how to handle their tasks effectively. Besides, the enterprise should use time as efficiently as possible. In this case, all the employees starting from the top managers to the lower level must be motivated to increase their productivity. Growth should be based on several aspects such as headcount and profitability which can help a company expand its income and the number of workers in the firm. A corporation should be guided by its long-term plans which will assist it to experience growth in the next five years. It should move from a small entity to a multi-national one. Some of our assets of growth will comprise of funds and human resource. Our growth to the next level will depend on the availability of funds for expansion and clients. It is the reason why customers must always be treated with a lot of respect.


From the reading, the salesperson is right to use market segmentation to sell the company’s products. The strategy is appropriate since each group has specific needs that should be addressed. In this case, one may end up taking the wrong products in the market if he or she does not understand the needs of all the clients. Besides, differentiation of products is essential in today’s market as it will assist in distinguishing the firm’s items with those of competitors. It can influence customers remain loyal to the corporation’s products. It will eventually increase the revenues of the company in the future. Besides, it is prudent to study the rival’s strategies to ensure that you have better products than competitors. Customers will only purchase a quality product that satisfies their needs and not any available item in the market.