Fundamentals of Management

“Fundamentals of management” is an important topic that will help managing organizations in this dynamic competitive and complex business environment. However, the PowerPoint presentation has some clauses that make it difficult to understand the concept. For instance, the issue on personality traits and mangers is not well covered in the presentation. The paper fails to explain the major traits that a successful manager should portray or possess for successful management role. Though it is evident that managers have obligation of internal and external control, the text fails to elaborate on essential traits that will help the manager exert his or her authority in the internal and external affairs of the organization.

The text has mentioned about self esteem, need for achievement, affiliation and power. It is however prudent understanding that the text fails to have a comprehensive explanation on how the traits can influence the management role. Self esteem and need for achievement can easily be identified as essential traits that will help steer the organization to the right direction.  However, affiliation and power requires an elaborate explanation to help us understand what is being affiliated to and the power in question.

It is however worth noting that there are some points in the presentation that makes it easy to understand the concept. It is easy to understand the concept on the role of business from the PowerPoint presentation. Although the author has used a style of rhetoric questions in the text,  it easy to figure out the intention of the author from these questions.  It is clear that the different personalities in the presentation give different views on the role of business to the society. For instance, Foods Market co-founder John Mackey, is a leading American business man who has contributed immensely in the business world. Despite his need for profit maximization, he strongly advocates that the community is entitled to quality products thus need for completion and no room for monopoly.  He is also a radical critic of capitalism and advocates for increase in minimum wages. In essence, the text wants to imply that business has a collective role to societal development.

On this note, Porter and Kramer have also made a significant contribution in the role of business. Creating a shared value has been noted as one of the major contributions by these two economists. Porter and Kramer recommend that it is the role of the business to create economic value in a way that also creates values to the community by addressing the needs and challenges facing the community. It is the obligation of the business to ensure that their roles offer solutions to the problems in the society. Yunus et al also made significant contribution towards the role of business to the community. He is known for the social business model that ensures a comprehensive societal growth. In essence, the use of the three people in this text help us understand that businesses have the role of ensuring that they are to the benefit of the society as they make profits to the entrepreneurs.

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