Funding of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

It is surprising that Donald Trump wants to cut funding to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), yet he is an art collector. Reducing art could negatively affect some of the industries such as real estate where nearby art facilities have enhanced the value of the properties(Finley 5). Given the influence that art has on other areas of life, it is important that the Federal Government continue supporting creativity. Two questions arise from the article. First, what are the economic effects of reducing funding for the arts? Second, why does Trump wants to cut funding for the NEA even though he is an art collector?

The article shows that it is possible for an artist to earn a good income without depending on funding from the government. Battenfield shows that all an artist needs is a good plan on how to spend more time perfecting their art and connecting with potential collectors. Government funding may not be necessary if the artist is hardworking and committed to making an income through art. It may not be necessary to receive government funding to succeed as an artist (Battenfield XIV). Two questions emerge from the article. Does an artist need government funding to succeed? Second, is it possible for all artists to make a sustainable income from art?

As long as artists continue to depend on government funding through the NEA, politicians will attempt to limit the creativity and the content the artists create due to a culture war (Thomson 12). Artists will find it challenging to decide on the position to adopt where there are two groups with conflicting cultures. Art’s role in culture means that to continue getting government support, artists may be forced to adopt cultural positions of the government. Two questions arise from the book. How should artists deal with the culture war when creating content? Should the government be compelled to support culture forms that oppose its ideals?

The article shows that artists are always looking forward to government administrations that will recognize their roles in the country (Brenson 15). President John F. Kennedy created the picture of an artist as a person that does not focus on money but on their spiritual roles in creating a civilized society. It is thus possible for the government to collaborate with artists. However, it requires that the government be ready to be criticized by the artists. The article raises questions on whether the government should consider NEA spending an investment similar to science and technology. Second, what causes different presidents to either support or neglect art?

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