G-Eazy is disappointed by rappers who try to compare who is the best rapper, “Now how you measurin’ Talent or who’s better than,” using material things such as money, cars, and fame. Although he doesn’t own a music label or have the exact popularity as a rapper, he feels that his music quality outmatches most of those rappers who keep on bragging. He is a loyal man since he has maintained the music producer and always accompanies him wherever he goes. Furthermore, he is supportive.

G-Eazy has always thought his name was “cheesy” cheap and of low quality, however, he fits himself in the mind of hatters who sees underground rappers rising and assumes they are eying quick money and fame and don’t care about the song they produce. He directly addresses haters and doubters request them to stop because they are only wasting their energy and time furthermore he tells the haters he is in the industry to stay since he has gathered enough fans and success as well.

He emphasizes that someone really can tell when another person is real, and if you fake, you will tend to think everyone else is a faker like you. Haters need to wear reading glasses to get a clear look of G-Easy though he loves to smoke weed. Mr. Eazy began his music career life from the bottom with nothing, and he has made a name for himself, through producing his music and mixing his own songs.  With time he has become a professional musician to the point where he can teach anyone who would like to make his own music, and requests people to cease judging him by what they see of him since they’re much more of him besides looks. He is a hard working person but don’t brag about it because everyone in this world has to work hard to make a living “Here, I work hard but don’t we all.”  G-Eazy has sacrificed his social life to be where he is, and he is stuck with his own music genre despite people doubting him.

People have tried to deceive him with gifts in order get him signed to a music label, but he has refused to fall in this trap since he fears to get signed into a wrong music label that will influence his lifestyle and exploit him and he has decided to make his music in his own way.

G- Eazy could be facing racial discrimination since he is a white American musician making Hi- hop music in an industry dominated by black American. And in one way or the other, he must have experienced prejudice from black American musicians or fans due to his ethnicity, its evident since they are comparing him with other musicians who are doing better than him and it’s known that most of the successful hip hop musicians are black American.

When G-Eazy was writing this song, he made himself the subject, and talks of how, he composes his own music, how he doesn’t fit in many public circles. And how some rappers tend to compare him with others, how he is not a cookies cutter white rapper, and he is entirely okay with that, but he talks of his dreams, ambitions, and aspirations of remaining on tour and meeting people and fans as he travels.

This song talks about the struggle musicians goes through before they make a name for themselves and how challenging this industry is full of fake and jealous people but as a musician, you have to be strong, work smart and remain resilient if you want to survive and become successful.

G-Eazy composed this song because he felt irritated by how his fellow musician compares him with other successful musicians, yet they don’t understand how he had struggled, trough sacrificing his social life and working entire nights for him to produce Hip-hop music and made her a name in a music industry dominated by African American. G-Eazy also wanted to enlighten people on how they should hold on their dreams and work smart since one day your labor will pay off even when people don’t believe in you. He also wanted to express how mainstream music labels entice musician to join a label whereby eventually exploits them and their lifestyles as well.

The singer is bitter, he is angered by his fellow musician, hatter, doubters who judge him by physical looks and materials but they don’t realize there is more of him just than look.

The following simile is present in the song, “You are as fake as polyester.” He uses polyester to refer to fake hatters since Polyester is a synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked by ester groups, used chiefly to make synthetic textile fibers. It is considered a “fake” fabric. “I’m in the lab like dextor.”  In this smile, the premise is that G-Eazy is always in the lab (Studio/making beats) much like Dexter from the old cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory.

Personification, “The label tries to fly me out.”  Music label tries to catch him and sign him in their label like how  a flying bird is caught

Point of view, the song is being sung by the first person; “I keep going I’m runnin’ on E” the song gives us a glimpse of how the singer, keeps going even when he’s tired. It’s a reference to when your fuel tank in your car is low (running on empty (E)).

Tone, The singer uses an angry tone, he understands people are comparing him, yet they don’t understand his struggle.

Alliteration, Letterman and Veteran”   “n” & “n” repetition of these letters at the end of the sentence brings about musicality in the poem.

Imagery, “Smokin’ good and drinkin’ gin, Girls get loose, poor a lil juice, Party all night till it hit AM;”   in this lines, you can see how G-easy parties all night drinking with women.

The theme of disillusionment, the a portrayed in the song, G-easy discovered how musicians are comparing him with other musicians and felt disappointed by this act since life is a struggle, and everyone has his own pace of success.