In education the three most important aspects are the student, the teacher and the environment in which they interact. The above indicated factors form the foundation upon which students can be transformed to responsible and effective skilled personnel who will impact the nation in the near future. Through the study of the people of the world and the rich history of various regimes, student’s logical thinking and decision making abilities are enhanced making the education process more important in that it does not only impart knowledge to the students, but it also develops their abilities as social beings. These principles are also important in that they guide and govern general education making it an effective course.

In the learning process, we come across interesting, mind blowing and sometimes perplexing concepts which in most instances take great interest in. This course is not different and the global citizenship concept was the most important concept that I have learnt. The concept is more of a campaign than just a course, it imparts a sense of responsibility and an urge to be part of the global community which we may knowingly or unknowingly be part of. On understanding its various aspects I realized that I was already part of the community and therefore took note of what was expected of me. The contents of this course are applicable in everyday interactions either with friends and family or on the social media. Creating awareness on issues affecting our local community can be part of the application of the course. The knowledge acquired will however have a lifelong impact on my life as it will influence my decisions as a social being as well as professional decisions.



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