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The article “Targeting DDR2 Enhances Tumor Response to Anti–PD-1 Immunotherapy” by Tu et al. (2019) aimed at using a functional genomics-based method to identify drug target genes. The focus is to identify the genes that can also be targeted alongside anti-PD-l to promote tumor clearance and an increase in immune response. The researchers provide a rationale for their approach by claiming that across many cancer types, targeting antibodies is an effective treatment intervention. Most patients who receive such therapy demonstrate positive responses, however, there is a subset of patients whose cancer condition continues to deteriorate. As such, this highlights the need for other approaches that induce immune responsiveness to cancerous tumors.

The article is significant because it highlights a weighty matter that is of great interest to the cancer society. The issue of combining therapies is the foundation under which the scholar undertake the research. They identify the great need to combine different cancer therapies as demonstrated by the nume

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