Genome-wide association studies (GWA)

Genome-wide association studies (GWA) is one of the vital components that ensures that appropriate development of pathogenesis is achieved. The approach has been successful mainly in analysing genetic disorders. The complexity of human disease has a different variation. The process of GWAS thus provides an opportunity to study different pathogenesis. Through the use of rapidly scanning markers analysis of the complete set of DVA is conducted with the aim of studying different characteristics and genetic variations of a particular disease.

The GWAS emphasises on genetic variability associated with a particular disease. Therefore the approach is clinically meaningful since it provides an opportunity to analyse the variability of specific disorders. It has contributed to the study of epigenetic of a disease often involves the alteration of the DNA and other associated factors to particular disease. The features replicate through the cell division process. One of the common, elements of epigenetic is the susceptibility to environmental variation and other aspects such as exposure to a disease-causing microorganism. GWA thus provides an opportunity to conduct analysis based on these features. Besides, the process often links  to the chemical modification of the nucleotide cytosine and the attachment point of the deoxyribose Therefore the environmental exposure, and  genetic variation have different capabilities of modifying an epigenome

GWAS compares the frequencies of genetic mutations in a population or a group of people with a particular disease. It examines the genetic variation in individuals with a  given condition. Genetic modification is one of the vital components that provides an opportunity to access different variability that exists with a given disease within a particular population. An example of the genetic variation is the case of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)  which often occurs within a single DNA. Such variations are often scattered across the different human population. Therefore, the GWAS plays a crucial role in ensuring that examine the relationship between the DNA position and a particular trait. For example, some of the characteristics include the expression of the genes coding for diabetes cancer and other significant forms of disorders within the human population. It then uses a signal from each position of the sequences that surrounds it Therefore the association .between the DNA position of particular disease  traits provides an

The epigenetic changes often occur frequently locally thus affecting on individual genes.  However, it can affect a genome-wide DNA hypomethylation and loss of balance between active histone and modification.

Through genetic profiling technologies, GWAS genome profiling procedures provide an opportunity to access different aspects and causative characteristics and variations of a. Therefore, it analyses common variants in some individuals both with or without the common trait.

The process has the potential to show and emphasise the common genetic associated diseases. The approach thus analyses further aspects of clinical influence on the genetic issues of a particular disease

It is used to identify the correlation between the genetic change and the incidence of a complex of an illness which is however limited to other environmental factors and increased risk of an individual developing a particular disease. The process thus can  be attributed  to genetic and environmental variables that surrounds a specific population

Through the personal SNP profiles, the GWAS provides an opportunity  to access individual risks for developing a particular disease

The genome-wide studies play a significant role in identifying the possible connections between the SNP and various human disorders. The process facilitates the researcher’s knowledge and risks assessment n multiple disorders. Therefore it acts as a precise and reliable predictor of the disease. However, it is limited to environmental and risk that exposure to a particular p[population.

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