Genomic Nursing Assessment

Family trees usually show the prevalence of people to acquire traits using an intergenerational genogram. In most cases, genes are typically transferred from one generation to another irrespective of the fact that at one point, a particular gene may not be seen in a previous generation but still appear in subsequent generations. Notably, a family genogram should give an overview of the health, ethnic group, behavior, and health of a given member concerning their family. Therefore, this paper aims at analyzing a family genogram in the plight of investigating family history, health, the family members’ ethnic groups, reproductive history, development, family understanding of the health risks and a summary of the genogram.

Multigenerational transmitted characteristics are viable in analyzing the behavior of an individual. Joy Cruz, a patient who portrays a high level of narcissistic behavior, is the central point for the family genogram study in this case (American Psychiatric Association., 2013). Ann, Joy Cruz’s mother, is a sibling in the family of Cruz. B.B and T.B got a son by the name who did not show any social or psychologically weird characteristics. Tom Cruz being a Pilot, met his wife Ann Cruz who and had his most preferred features (Fisher, 2016). They bore a child and named her Joy Cruz who is now seven years old with so many vague characteristics (Fisher, 2016). Tom and Ann Cruz later divorced after Tom blamed Ann of the unbecoming character

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