Geography Lesson Plan

Geography Lesson Plan

Lesson plan topic: Identification of transport and communication networks

Grade Level 2


Students will be able to know the objectives of geographical features and their influence on the nature of transportation and communication networks.

Students will be able to identify the types of transport and communication mediums and how they are hindered by topography

Attention Seeking

Teachers should describe the universe outlining the topographical natures of various places. Show the students’places where transport and communication networks are affected by topography

Class Material

The universal geographical maps

An emptyworksheet to take notes

Learning verification

Questioning and testing the students to know if they understand the concept of transport and communication in geography

Activities in learning verification

Describe instances of transport and communication being barred from effective operations by the nature of geographical features.

Engage the students by asking them questions regarding how they understand the description.

Repeat the activity to ensure that all students understand what is being taught in school(Skowron, 2015.

Additional Information

Teach show to identify places with poor transport and communication mediums

Learners” guidance

Distribute worksheets to the students to test their skills by asking them to write what they had understood in class.

Eliciting Performance

At every pause in the classroom activity, it is advisable to as a question such as:

How many geographical features affect transport and communication connectivity?


At this time, the students will be in apposition to identify all types of transport and communication and how to apply the two in the real world industry.

Assessing Performance

Students are asked to identify all modes of transport and communication

Ask students have to link the relationship between the topography of geographical features and transportation and communication



Skowron, J. (2015). Powerful lesson planning: Every teacher’s guide to effective instruction. Simon and Schuster.

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