German and French Canadian Heritage

German and French Canadian Heritage

Both French and German Canadian heritages have health beliefs that affect how evidence-based health care is delivered. Such health beliefs are used by these groups to explain what causes illness, how illnesses are treated,  and the people who need to be involved in the delivery of care process. People of German heritage view diseases as a result of natural scientific occurrences.  This makes the German Canadians advocate for medical treatment to combat diseases. They also highly regards the use of folk medicine. Some of the most used folk medicine include roots, herbs soups, and poultices. In the administration of folk medicine, people of German heritage use particular words and wear charms. Because of their disregard of over the counter medication, German Canadians value being stoic when experiencing pain. To help them keep fit and healthy at all times, these people believe in engaging in sports as a means of exercising their muscles. This helps them to reduce the chances of obesity which can result as a result of the consumption of diets with high-fat content. They also have the belief that pregnant women are special people in the society.

For this reason, they highly disregard heterologous artificial insemination, use of contraceptive pills and unnatural contraception. They are also opposed to direct abortion. These health beliefs summed up together make the delivery of evidence-based health care to be a challenge.

On the other hand, people of French heritage view diseases as a result of both natural scientific occurrences and supernatural phenomena. This makes them advocate for both use sophisticated technology and prayer and other spiritual interventions to diagnose and treat illnesses. Unlike German Canadians, French Canadians do not value exercising regularly. The majority of French Canadians eat food with high-fat content which makes the majority to become overweight. On issues concerning pregnancy, only a few French Canadians practice natural birth control. Majority practices use of contraceptive pills and unnatural contraception. Because French Canadians do not value folk medicine, they highly regarded health care providers an aspect that makes the delivery of evidence-based health care effective.

There are substantial similarities in the health beliefs and practices of the German and French Canadian heritage with the health care beliefs of my heritage. To begin with, the heritage I associate with like the German Canadian heritage values folk medicine. In my heritage, herbal therapies play a significant role in folk medicine. Different herbs used to treat a wide range of health conditions. For example, garlic and coriander are used for hypertension and anxiety. Expression of pain and the health seeking practices centered on relief of pain are similar to the German Canadian heritage. Like the German Canadian heritage, it is honorable and desirable to tolerate pain in my heritage stoically. Where folk medicine is not readily available people from my heritage use the over the counter medication to treat some common health conditions.

Some health care beliefs with the French Canadian heritage are similar to that of my heritage. Like the people from the French Canadian heritage, people from my heritage have been accustomed to eating food with high-fat content which renders them overweight. Besides, family planning and birth control methods such as the use of the pill, intrauterine devices, and tubal litigation are highly valued in both heritages. Condoms are not highly regarded in ml both French Canadian heritage and my culture. Lastly, French Canadian heritage and my heritage value the care for pregnant women which makes both heritages to advocate for a lengthy postpartum period. Finally, the belief in blood, transfusion, organ donation and organ transplant are evident in both heritages.


The German Canadian heritage excites me the most. For this reason, if need be, i would not hesitate to adopt the German Canadian heritage, especially on the health belief on physical exercise to promote health and wellness. Considering the type of diet I consume regularly, it would be imperative to continually engage in physical activities to develop and maintain physical fitness and the overall health and wellness. This way I believe that this aspect will enable me in the prevention of some diseases such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and obesity. The different categories which are practiced by most German Canadians include flexibility exercises, aerobic exercises, anaerobic exercises. Flexibility exercises entail stretching. These activities will be of much benefits in improving the range of motion of muscles and joints. Aerobic exercises will help to improve.

I consider this health care belief as an essential aspect to maintain a healthy weight, to build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints, and to strengthen the overall human immune system. Other than the belief on physical exercises, i would adopt the belief on birth control by the German Canadian heritage. I reason that the heterologous artificial insemination, and most birth control techniques are not ethical. I highly regard morality, and ethics always drives me. For this, I believe that the use of contraceptive pills and the unnatural contraception contradicts human rights.



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