Global Warming

The United States Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was held in October of 2018. It was held regarding global warming issues that have been a problem for the past three decades. The problem is seen to have escalated due to an in the number of floods, record-breaking heat waves, wildfires, and powerful hurricanes. Scientists released a report from the conference stating that we have a few years, as few as 12, to act and reverse the situation before reaching a point of no return.

The interpretation of the event based on facts that have been developing for several years. My analysis is based on facts rather than mere speculations. The thesis statement provides a guideline for the paper as it gives a general overview of what the article is about. The reader can know the main points in the paper before reading it from the thesis statement. The thesis can be disputed by individuals who are not interested in saving the planet. Some people still believe in the ability of the earth to self-rejuvenate despite the global warming that is currently happening due to human activities. The topic of the thesis is global warming, and the comment is on how near it is towards reaching the point of no return where any efforts made may not affect reverting the situation.

This topic should be of interest to everyone since nature is the most important gift we are to give to future generations. The thesis statement is specific as it encompasses one issue that is affecting the world. Extensive research has been carried out on the topic; therefore getting sources for my information would not be difficult. Despite the timeline given by the scientists, it would be difficult to provide and prove the accuracy of that timeline. The thesis statement offers the fact that it was a world event and any environmental enthusiast would be interested in it.


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