Goals and Motivation

Studies have over time confirmed the importance of goals and motivation in the overall psychological well-being of human beings. The relationship is based on the fact that setting goals results into an increased desire to achieve objectives thus increasing the psychological well-being. Most individuals are bent on experiencing improvements in their lives from time to time. In this endeavor, individuals normally set goals and increase their motivation to help in the attainment of desired goals. In addition, setting goals ensures the pursuit of aspects that are highly important to a person thus ensuring attainment of things that are highly relevant to human’s well being. Also, motivation increases the desire to attain the set goals and improves the likelihood of these goals being achieved. Ultimately, the attainment of these goals through motivation and goal setting improves the psychological well-being of individuals.

As with any other person, my goals are normally achieved through prioritization and motivation. The motivation I have for the attainment of a specific goal determines their priority in my life and the chances of being attained. My process of goal attainment includes the setting of timelines and breaking done of goals into smaller objectives. In this way, I have a higher chance of attaining the goals and can rightly measure the level of success with time. Over the next five years, I have planned on becoming an established psychologist working in a vibrant organization and contributing to the well-being of human beings. I have therefore set smaller milestones whose achievement provides more motivation to attain the full goal. For instance, success in class is one milestone that motivates me into working towards the full realization of the goal.


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