Good education

Good education, which is learning and knowing the different facts of life, play numerous and vital roles in an individual’s life. Good education entails the engagement of students in learning activities in a positive environment where they feel safe and motivated.  Education play roles such as knowledge gain, equality, self-dependence, happy stable and prosperous life, turning dreams into realities and it also plays a role in the economic growth of a nation.

One of the importance of good education is that it promotes equity (Mohammed 2015). When a person is well learned, they can stand out as equals irrespective of their gender. Knowledge is required so that the world can be seen as a just and fair place where everyone is given equal opportunities. Good education, therefore, opens a whole world of opportunities for all people irrespective of their social classes and gender.

According to the article Quora, education also helps a person to gain knowledge. Every person is unique in his or her ways. Good education should, therefore, aim to direct and develop every person according to their uniqueness so that each one of them gains important knowledge in life. Proper teaching will help individuals learn knowledge of the world around them. This will help them to develop opinions about their surroundings and understand the results of wrong decisions in life from the experience gained.

Education also plays a role in helping one lead a stable, happy and prosperous life (Mohammed 2015). Through training, one can gain skills that can be used to provide jobs to them (CHITRA 2019). Education can enable one to land a great job and therefore, they will be able to cater to their primary need. Training also allows one to gain good social reputation by being in a great position in society (Mohammed 2015). A combination of good jobs and excellent reputation as a result of education enables one to live a successful life.

Through education, one can become self-dependent (Chitra 2019). The importance of good education in life is for one to live independently and gain freedom. Knowledge enables one to land a job and become financially independent ( Gangi 2017). Through good education, a person is also able to make good decisions in life and develop problem-solving skills. One is therefore able to make their own decisions that suit them and also derive good solutions to the problems faced in life without relying on other people to assist then. Other people can mislead.

The key to every person’s dreams and desires in life is a good education. If one wants to be famous, successful and respected in the society, then he or she has to be educated. There is an exception with sportspersons as they can become famous without education. However, in most cases, it is our education that will make us achieve our dreams in life, be respected and become famous.

Countries with high literacy rates experience rapid economic growth (Gangi 2017). Literate people help in the economic growth of a nation. Countries with low literacy rates experience relatively weak economic growth compared to countries with high literacy rates. Good education, therefore, play an essential role in the economic growth of a state as the work output from those people will be of good quality.

A good education is therefore crucial in various ways given above. It is vital that proper training should be available to each and everyone as it will make them knowledgeable, ethical decision makers and it will also play a role in the development of a country from all angles.



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Why Education is Important? Top 13 Reasons

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