Google and Smartphones

Google has for a long time played a major role in the internet world by providing us with one of the most reliable online search engines (google). Today it seeks to further its reach towards its subscribers by investing in the smartphone industry. Recently, it was able to launch its brand of phones, Pixel phones, after acquiring HTC for a mere $ 1 Billion. This seemed like the right step in enforcing its intentions in joining the hardware industry, where it is already known for brands such as Google speakers, pixel book laptops and clip cameras.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones were launched on October 4th, 2016 as part of Google’s smartphone development ideas. The phones comprise of a 12.3-megapixel rare camera, USB connector, 3.5mm headphone jack and are covered with an aluminium chassis. Their software content included the Google Assistant, live technical support services and the 7.1 “Nougat”, which is an upgrade from the common Android OS. The phones also come with a 2.0 internal storage space of either 128GB or 32GB.

My view is that Google should definitely make its mark in the smartphone industry as it has already proven its worth as a reliable service provider. Wireless connectivity is quickly becoming a common language in many homes and industries, thus providing a need for more service providers such as Google who are reliable. People today enjoy the benefits of wireless devices, and many prefer the idea of pairing devices from the same company as it gives some form of uniqueness.

We know the use and benefits of the 3G and 4G connectivity, in terms of speed and reliability, and today Google is already talking about advancing into the next step, the 5G connectivity.  This I feel is definitely a step in the right direction. Google as a company, is pushing for additional spectrum for the unregistered 6GHz band Wi-Fi subscribers as part of its effort in ensuring connectivity gets to be experienced in remote areas as well. Project Loon, for instance, saw one of its test balloons float over the Peruvian airspace for a couple of weeks. This will definitely help to add more users on its already packed list of subscribers. If this process helps to provide reach to people living in such remote areas, then I say, yes to its need to join the smartphone industry. Mankind was never meant to be alone, and Google is, therefore, doing us right by ensuring that people are able to interact all over the world.

Artificial Intelligence is gaining popularity around the world today, and this is also a sector where Google has already been working on. Mobile phones form a big part of our lives today, therefore, making them an important part of how users are going to experience AI in the future. Googles own brand of AI, Google Assistant, faces stiff competition from other AIs such as Samsung’s Bixby and Apple’s Siri, which are already dominating the market. As such, it is necessary that Google invests more in the hardware sector in order to be at par with its competitors. Having its brand of phones and speakers employ the use of its AI application will be an advantage for many google lovers such as myself.

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