Government By-Proxy

Government by-proxy refers to administering government related programs by contracted or network agencies. Government by proxy gained dominance by several scholars starting in the 1980s. Notably, the network government has adversely grown over time leading to a widespread of proxy use in stabilizes different government programs. The federal government has also increased its assistance to state and other pertinent organization by providing reasonable terms to accommodate the new schedule. Similarly, the administration process allows for the enactment of major federal programs among people especially after the end of World War II. This paper focuses on examining the meaning of government-by-proxy, how it was used during Hurricane Katrina as well as the pros and cons of the system.

Government By-Proxy during Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina struck several parts of New Orleans, Louisiana leading to widespread flooding in areas due to the collapse of the city’s levees. As a result, subsequent resettlement and displacement of the population together led to significant effects on the city’s inhabitant’s health(Wilson et al., 2018). However, after six years of disaster, significant gaps were created to reveal vital knowledge of the effect on the health status of the New Orleans population for the practical introduction of the proxy program.

This system represented a subtle form of congressional corruption in the Hurricane Katrina situation. For example, the legislators enjoyed taking actions on popular issues. However, it failed to raise taxes and increase the size of all federal workforces leading to a vigorous fund program to pay for the debts before implementation. The system was not an outsourcing program and led to struggles in management. Overall, through the government by-proxy, Hurricane Katrina revealed that FEMA is a phantom organization which depends on contractors for their works.

Pros and Cons of Government by-proxy

Benefits of Government By-Proxy

The program improved bandwidth and performance conservation. The intended purpose of using a proxy in the federal system is to cache all contents in their first time of accessibility, submit it to the corresponding clients who have requested for the same data within the prescribed time (Wilson et al., 2018). Ideally, the connection between the client and the proxy server is better than the relationship between servers hosting the content to the client, thereby enabling some materials which are delivered to the client to load faster during their first time accessibility.

Additionally, proxy makes network discovery substantially very difficult because attackers are not able to access the packets which are directly created by their target programs. It bars the attackers from developing significant information about the type of services and hosts which are available in the system(Wilson et al., 2018). Generally, Proxies prevent all the activities which are related to system attacking especially from the server, thus ensuringstable security with all government programs.

Cons of the Government By-Proxy

Generally, not all proxies are bad. However, it is usually comfortable extensive levels of fraud which are common in Medicare and Medicaid due to low levels of content for specific information outcomes. The system also lowers the credibility of health care programs because of its restriction in providing adequate information concerning the health system and their importance.

In conclusion, Government by-proxy reduces the occurrence of performance due to several processing requests that are needed for application services. It is too committing during administration such that the individuals handling the have no time for themselves. Validating requests at the application layer may also lead to slower performance thereby interfering with the conversation connections within the system.




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