Graduation Commencement Speech

Graduation Commencement Speech

Good morning faculty, family, friends and fellow graduates! I stand before you to humbly congratulate the graduates for the noble milestone: college graduation. Yes, we all did it! This is a major achievement in our lives’ journey and one that deserves immense celebratory significance. We all worked hard to achieve these results and indeed there is no progress without struggle. A college degree is a wonderful tool that opens many doors of opportunity for the holder.

However, you might want to remember that graduation is not an end goal in itself but part of a larger whole in the journey of life. Indeed, every achievement we achieve in the journey of life should be considered a starting point for bigger accomplishments. Our graduation should set us off on a journey to achieve much more guided by a hunger larger than the one we had. It would be a joy for me, as for every one of you, to see everyone among us prosper and reach great heights.

But before we start reaching for the starts, there is something you all need to know, or be reminded rather. Most of the college graduates experience just one graduation and this is a norm I wish all of us could break. We all have the chance of graduating again ahead of us. We have all shown our commitment to growth by making it to this ceremony. How beautiful it would be if we could achieve the next one together. Life is about growing and enrolling for new programs gives us a chance to grow further.

And we need not stop there! This graduation is testament to our capabilities to accomplish goals that we commit ourselves to. My hope is that we will commit more goals to ourselves. It hurts not, at least not much. The road ahead will not be easy as we have already experienced. However, our zeal and determination has already been proven to be too strong to give up to failure. The important thing, however, is that we will trudge on even in the face of disappointments. Let us be the best that we can possibly be and let this graduation remind us of our unending abilities.

Congratulations to the class of 2015!

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