Greek Inventions and Discoveries

Greek Inventions and Discoveries

Most of the methods, processes and products in use today have their original concepts based on the contribution of Greek inventions and discoveries. In fact, the modern products are only but a modernized version of the original Greek inventions. The infant of Greek civilization was marked by many scientists whose work resulted in the betterment of life. To date, the contribution of these scientists through their inventions has given way for more advanced discoveries in successive generations. Perhaps most important was the fact that these discoveries encompassed different disciplines and resulted in the advancement of many different industries. Ultimately, the contribution of these inventions and discoveries can be traced in the ordinary and complicated livelihoods of human beings today. There is no denying, therefore, that the contribution of such developments cannot be underestimated. Today, the mark of Greek discoveries and inventions is testament in most of the products in use.

The contribution of Greek invention has impacted on a variety of fields in both ancient and modern lives. The video asserts this importance through several examples of the discoveries including the subjects of typography and poetry. Today, the application of these discoveries is evident in the different poems that take on the original formats of the inventions. Further afield, the Latin alphabet which is in use today has its origin in the Greek invention and is still used in schools today. Even the school system has its roots in the ancient academies that were prevalent during the ancient Greek civilization. The education system as is currently constituted is also a hallmark of Greek invention through such subjects such as philosophy and mathematics. Other fields of education including Pythagoras, medicine as well as history and anthropology can rightly be attributed to ancient Greek brains.

The contribution of Greek inventions in today’s world is not limited to one particular sphere of life but extends to include almost all areas applicable to mankind. The concepts of humanism and democracy are both traced to the Greek civilization. Today, these concepts are widely practiced not only in Western countries but in the entire globe. Moreover, the entertainment and sports industry have also benefited from the Greek inventions to a great deal.  For instance, the use of theaters in today’s plays can be traced to their invention in Greece. Still, the discoveries and inventions of Greece continue to manifest themselves in sports through the Olympic Games which are a creation of Greece. In this respect therefore, the world literally celebrates the contribution of Greek inventions every four years through the Olympic Games. In addition, the first flying object was discovered in Greece and the concept is used today in the aero engineering industry. In similar fashion, trains and railways are a common occurrence having being discovered in Greece as steam engines.

Philosophy is another mastermind of the Greeks and is well documented in the writings of different scholars including Socrates and Plato. It is the advent of these teachings that modern sciences and technological advancements are based. Ancient Greek philosophy had its focus on the application of inquiry and logic in answering important questions of life. Ultimately, the role of Greek’s ancient philosophy on modern philosophy cannot be underestimated including the indirect impact on modern science. Studies point to an expansion of the ancient Greek philosophers to those of Muslim background. Later, the connection expanded to cover the European renaissance and Enlightenment period that was marked by great inventions. Ultimately, the work of Greek philosophers of ancient times is well visible in technology and natural sciences of modern times. The Socratic method of logical inquiry is to date used in the fields of ethics, logic and epistemology all of which have far reaching impacts to modern life. Indeed, the foundations laid Greek philosophical school of thought are largely used in the culmination of the western philosophy that came up many years later.

Besides natural sciences and technology, the implication of Greek inventions and discoveries can be seen in the field of art. In fact, the art practiced in ancient Greece had direct influences on the art and culture of several countries, some of which are practiced to date. Regardless of the period in which Greek art was practiced, its influence is widely regarded in today’s art through paintings, drawings and other forms of art. The art of sculptures was one of the hallmarks of Greek art and was done in different materials such as limestone, stone and marble. The geographical location of the country rendered the materials abundant and thus easily available for such uses. These sculptures although very archaic are used to depict natural happening such as the creation of the earth and the existence of gods. Through these sculptures, an understanding of the world is gained and insights provided on the livelihoods and culture of the Greeks. Even the trophies awarded to winners in today’s games have their basis on Greek pottery where trophies were made. In addition, the shapes of such vessels as bowls, cups and jugs have their original designs in Greek history. In the end, therefore, the contribution of Greek inventions and discoveries has shaped the modern culture of art and sports.

Still, the excellence of the discoveries and inventions in Greece manifests itself in the field of architecture both today and in the past. The precision and excellence with which the Greeks sought to make developments is seen in today’s architectural structures. In fact, the formulas invented by ancient Greek scholars are used as a basis for modern architecture. One of the biggest hallmarks of Greek architecture is manifested in the Greek Temple where several formulas were used to come up with a solid structure. Additionally, the Greek theater was designed to house people in dramatic performances and formal gatherings and its design is widely used to date. Indeed, even the modern stadium is attributable to the classical prototype of the ancient stadiums in Greece. It is in these stadiums that athletic challenges and other games took place; a replica of which is found in today’s modern world. Collectively, the world derives much from Greek inventions and discoveries in the world of architecture.

The contribution of Greek inventions and discoveries cannot be exhausted in a single video. In fact, the video is somewhat lacking in depth regarding the true value of Greek inventions and discoveries. Literally, almost every application in use today has its roots in Greece through the various discoveries. Consequently, therefore, the western civilization as it happened is based and anchored on the back of the Greek civilization and the inventions that were created. But it is not just the western civilization that benefits from ancient Greek inventions. Rather, the whole world can take great credit in having benefited from at least one of the many Greek inventions and discoveries. This way, the contribution of Greek inventions and discoveries is manifested.


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