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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom

  1. I was not aware that the issue of abortion is controversial in the country. I did not know about the right because I always thought that the state is against abortion. However, it appears that the issue can swing either way. For example, numerous stories that the media relayed were in favor of no abortion policy, but the charter has a different take on the matter (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom).
  2. The rights and freedom I engage in include the right to seek education in French and English, freedom of association and engagement, the right to have equal protection and equal rights, and the right to be regarded innocent before any law court (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom). In my view, these rights are limited to immigrants and groups that may not comprehend English or French. Considering the increased immigration into the country, not all immigrants are keen on communicating in English. The consequence is that migrants may find it difficult to comprehend the issues surrounding any legal matter. However, I do not agree that as humans, we take our rights for granted. We know about what humans are mandated to do, especially in a developed country. It may be different in other nations. However, as Canadians, the concept is highly advocated for since many pertinent issues circumvent the Charter.
  3. Aboriginal recognition within the Canadian charter was necessary because they were the original inhabitants of the land before the immigrants settled. It was only fair to provide them with similar and specific rights that ensured safe co-habitation with the others. As a result, it makes them feel exclusive since most of the rights associated with the charter revolve around their living, working, and education aspects. For example, section 25 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom strives to protect the culture, customs, languages, and other rights of the aboriginal.
  4. The right I would consider modifying is the controversial right to abortion. Some countries such as the United States have differential ideologies on this factor. Conversely, nations such as Britain and the United Kingdom have a strict opinion about this right. Canada should have a mandatory plan when it comes to abortion. Through the Supreme Court, a ruling should be made on whether the nation advocates for abortion as a legal right to the mother and father or does not condone it.


Discussion Topic 4: Your Rights and Responsibilities

  1. The right to vote guarantees and provides safety to the discriminated races. If the Canadian Japanese were allocated to be in power, they would have felt incorporated, more at home, and accepted. Other communities would have acknowledged their role politically, socially, and economically.
  2. Notably, the essential rights in the Charter of Rights and Freedom include fundamental rights, democratic rights, and legal rights. They ensure that humans are equal within the eyes of the law, that no one is above the law, and secure the sanctity of humans.
  3. It would increase the government revenue which would, in turn, improve the services it provides. Under mobility rights section 4, the improved tax revenue for the government would mean that the disadvantaged provinces based on social and economic perspective would no longer suffer on issues of unemployment.


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