Gretel in Darkness: Fairy tale

Rapunzel was a queen to her loving king. However, Rapunzel could not bear children.  Her life was very unhappy due to her lack of a child. After trying for many years, she still could not bear the Kind a child. In his impatience, the king decided to marry another wife. Rapunzel was very saddened by the decision.  She was now ready to do anything to bear a child.

One day as she bathed in the river, a fish appeared and told her of a witch far away who could help her. Immediately, Rapunzel left in search of the witch. After travelling for so many days and nights, she came to a big forest. At one end of the forest, there was a path. She followed the path, which brought her to a big tower with stairs. She climbed through the stairs to the top where there was a house. Inside the house sitting on a rock was a witch. The witch commanded Rapunzel to remove her shoes before getting in to the house. Rapunzel followed the instruction of the witch. After narrating her problem, the witch gave her a smelly liquid to drink. She drunk hurriedly with fear in her eyes. The witch informed her that she would now be able to bear a child but with one condition that at the age of 15 years; the witch will take the child away from her and be her own child. Rapunzel agreed and travelled back home.

The king still loved Rapunzel and after trying for a few months, Rapunzel became pregnant. She was very happy. She nursed her pregnancy with great care and gave birth to a beautiful girl. Everybody was amazed by her beauty. People travelled from very far bearing gifts for the princess. Years went by and Rapunzel forgot about the promise she made to the witch. The princess on the other hand grew in both wisdom and beauty. The night before her 15th birthday, Rapunzel and the king were not in the palace. Immediately after the princess turned 15, the witch appeared and took her away in her sleep.

The next day Rapunzel and the king returned to find the princess missing.  The royal guards searched for her everywhere with no success. After two days of searching, Rapunzel remembered her promise. She could not bring herself to telling the king about the promise. She chooses to remain quiet. Days passed and the witch treated the princess as her own child. The witch taught the princess witchcraft and she mastered it well. After 10 years, Rapunzel could not bear the idea of not being with her child again. She decided to travel to the forest to see the witch. She crept out at night and set out on the long journey.

After some days, she reached the forest and hurriedly climbed to the top of the tower. She could not believe her eyes, the princess was there looking beautiful than ever. The princess on seeing her immediately recognized her. The princess was overtaken by some power, which compelled her to kill the witch. A battle of witchcraft powers erupted between the witch and the princess. At the end, the princess won and she travelled back with her mother to the palace.  The family lived happily ever after.

Response to Elena Titova 

Hi Elena, your myth is exceptional. You have written about Zeus the king of gods, the god of sky and thunder.  Zeus had authority over all the earth and he decide to create people. I like the way you have turned the story around to look new and original. Zeus being a god was capable of creating people but could not make people be like him. He thus created people and made them weak, pathetic, frightened. People were not created for great things but to worship Zeus the creator. The whole world was under the control of Zeus.

You have brought out the true nature of Zeus in this story. He was jealous of other gods and wanted the people who were his creation to worship him and him only. His perspective about the people and the world has come out very clearly in the story. You have very powerfully reinvented the myth to present a new perspective.

Response to Emir Bogalar

Hi Emir, your reinvention of the fairytale is thorough. You have completely reinvented the story. Gilgamesh was partially God and partially Human. Gilgamesh had super powers so no one on earth would beat him down or challenge him. He was magnificent and glamorous. Besides being a great warrior, he was an arrogant and tyrannical king of Uruk. In the real story, Enkidu was also strong but was defeated by a woman. Even his wild animals ran away at his sight.

You have reinvented the story to portray the perspective of friendship and the how Enkidu changed after the friendship.  Your have brought out the perspective of not happily ever after. Even after becoming the king, Enkidu was just like Gilgamesh, cruel and unjust. The gods though Enkidu would be a better ruler but he was not. The people of Uruk had to continue living like before with the cruelty and injustices of their king Enkidu.

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