Once there was a woman who lived with her daughter far away in the forest. They could not afford life in the city. The only thing they could afford was their daily meal. This meal was at times hard to get. The girl’s mother was forced to leave every day in the morning so that she could go cut firewood and sell them to earn a little income. The girl was always left home to do the house chores. She was supposed to close all the doors and windows because there were dangerous animals and ogres in the forest. Before her mother entered the house, she had to sing a song with a particular tune. Then the girl will open the door. So one day an ogre passing by saw the woman singing to the girl, and she opened the door. Therefore the next day after the girl’s mom left he went and tried singing the song to the girl. However, it was not how her mother sang it. She did not open.

The ogre decided to seek help from a witch who gave him a voice similar to the girl’s mother. So after her mom left, he sang the song, and the girl heard it was exactly how her mother sang and she opened. The ogre took her and put her in a sack. Back in his home, he had announced that he would be bringing food/ His family had greatly prepared. On his way home he began feeling thirsty so he decided to pass through the river drink some water and then continue with his journey. Therefore, he put the sack that the girl was in some distance away from the river. It was not tightly closed, and so the girl was able to sneak out and put some stones, and she ran back home. The ogre took his sack and left for home; however, he felt the sack was a bit heavy this time. It did not bother him. On reaching home, everyone was eagerly waiting; they had made a big fire and were boiling the water. He was welcomed warmly and was told to hurry and put food inside the pot with boiling water. To his surprise, the girl was gone, and only stones were there. The family was so angry with him. They threw him into the pot and instead ate him.