Group Observation

The group I observed was a meeting of managers from the production, sales, and finance department of different companies but producing the same product. The topic of discussion was how to carry out healthy completion that does not involve lowering of prices. The leader was the sales manager of the larger organization, and the primary discussion was on how to harmonize their prices.  What I learned by observing the group is that leaders with large company support have a significant influence on the group decision. Most of the leaders and were fearing that the idea to harmonize prices which the leader came up with would take effect contrary to their wishes. The issue of concern detected was lack of leader’s consultation from the other group members where they rallied against the opinion on the agenda.

To help solve other future problems as the one observed, I will work with the group to help them become one and support each other so that they can grow. Togetherness will help to face any person including the leader who is making a mistake with the aim of changing the behavior for group success. Also, I will teach the group how to communicate effectively to avoid conflicts. The group would have told the leader that the idea was not good openly other than discussing it outside to rally against one person who is not aware of the plan. I will also train the leader to adopt a leadership style, which appreciates the follower’s opinions. The observation was useful in that it helped to create a strategy, which will improve the group performance as well as the leader’s delivery.


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