A Guide through the Process of Starting a Business

A Guide through the Process of Starting a Business

Most individuals would like to venture into business but find the process incredibly challenging due to their lack of skills and expertise. However, as a young entrepreneur, I am lucky to have found the resources from the Small Business Development Center located at the College of DuPage useful to help me venture into business. My business is about selling used textbooks to college students. The center will give me a hand with mentorship or counseling services. The SBDC is an ideal site since they offer one-on-one counseling services at no cost (“Business Solutions” n.d). Moreover, through their counseling services, they will help me review my business plan and discuss any potential financing options. Similarly, they will make me understand the market and get the business data and statistics. Therefore, from such advising services, I will be in a good position to tackle the ever-changing global market.

Second, the SBDC offers to train through seminars and workshops. Instructors who are owners and professionals of small businesses provide factually, and primary points that are relevant and applicable in the real-world (“Business Solutions” n.d). Since more than 50 seminars are conducted in a year and they all address important topics, then there is a high probability of me developing skills and prosper in my business. Third, as a client who would like to start a business, the SBDC offers resource such as computer programs, reference materials and videos that are essential and valuable in the business world. The resources will guide me through getting information on the business plan and financing. Also, through the website, I can get referrals to professional who will make my business thrive.


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