Good Grades

My first goal this semester is to get good grades. However, I have bad habits that may hinder the achievement of this goal. For instance, I am always late for classes and is often tempted to listen to music in class. I also tend to spend more time playing video games instead of putting in more hours of study. Therefore, for me to reach this goal, I have decided to put in place a new routine which will see me switch off my phone during classes to pay more attention to the teachers. I will also put in extra studying hours by reducing the amount of time that I spend on video games to get good grades.

Be stronger

My next goal is to achieve more physical strength by going to the gym and participating in sports. Some of the bad habits that may prevent this achievement include spending much of my time on video games and social media chatting with friends, as well as fear of sporting activity. I intend to face my fear of sports by approaching the school tennis coach for a chance to train and also make friends who enjoy sporting events. I also plan on cutting down the time I spend on social media and video games so I can get more gym time for my practice.

Learn how to cook

The last goal I have this semester is learning how to cook. However, there are bad habits that may pose as barriers towards attaining this goal which includes my love for junk foods and poor time management. I have, therefore, decided to implement some actions to see to my success this semester. I will join the school’s bakers club so that I can learn how to make cookies. Additionally, I will spend the weekends with my grandmother, a retired chef, so that I can learn how to make steak and other meals.


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