Hacking a Friend’s Computer that is connected to a University Network

I am in a desperate need to hack into my friend’s laptop and acquire a word file. The best way to do this is when my friend is working on the computer while connected to the university’s network. However, in undertaking this project, I must remain anonymous to ensure that my friend cannot trace the hacking back to me. The idea of hacking in the first place is to ensure that my friend does not know that I have the file. Thus, it is ideal to keep my access to his computer invisible. In the case of this project, the host operating system is my computer while the guest operating system is my friend’s operating system inside the host's computer virtual box. I will follow some steps in undertaking the project.

Step 1

The first step is to install a virtual box on my computer. A virtual box provides a virtual part of the host CPU and memory to a guest operating system. It extends the computer making it capable of running several operating systems inside several virtual machines simultaneously. A virtual machine is a special environment created by the virtual box for the guest operating system. Thus, the virtual box creates many virtual machines for different guest operating systems.

Step 2

The second step involves installation of Kali Linux on my computer, which is the Host operating system. Kali Linux is an operating system aimed at advanced penetration. It enables one to penetrate another system without detect

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