Halloween is believed to have originated from the ancient Celtic’s Samhain festival. People would wear costumes and light bonfires in order to ward off roaming ghosts. Pope Gregory III picked 1st November to be a time for honoring martyrs and saints in the eighteenth century. This holiday assimilated some Samhain’s traditions. The evening before this holiday was referred to All Hallows’ Eve, which was later known as Halloween. It has now evolved into a community-based secular event that is filled with children friendly activities.

Halloween tends to offer various teachings. Among them is that things tend to change and evolve as time passes by. How this event was viewed 2,000 years ago is quite different from how it is being viewed currently. Another teaching that comes from Halloween is that people will always have differing opinions on different issues. This is seen in the debate that exists among Christians regarding Halloween. There are some that do not participate in the holiday terming it as being evil while others view it as a harmless time of having fun.

My favorite thing to do during Halloween is attending costume parties. This is something that has fascinated me for a long time. The main preparation entails identification of the places that will be hosting costume parties. I normally choose one based on the people that will be attending, and the theme involved. This is followed by searching for my preferred costume; they have been different for all the years I have been celebrating Halloween. The people in these costume parties tend to be lovely and fun to be around and I always look forward to this moment.

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