Hard Rock Café Human Resource Management

Hard Rock Café Summary

Hard rock café started in one location in 1971 and is currently ranked as a theme restaurant globally.  It has since then grown to 106 locations worldwide where one gets meals as well as experience.  The café has ten operations management sectors that include designing goods and services, managing quality, process strategy, location strategy, layout strategy, human resources, supply-chain management, inventory, scheduling and maintenance. These operations management decisions are critical to the customer satisfaction of the business entity. The human resource has the responsibility of finding people with passion for music, enjoy serving and convey the real experience to customers. There is intensive investment in ensuring that customer satisfaction is top notch.

Also, the café has put emphasis on their inventory where they have invested heavily on Rock and Roll memorabilia with intention of enhancing customer experience. The company is planning to have an extensive and detailed cataloging system to enable maintaining of the vast inventory. In addition, the choice of location for the company’s restaurant is a serious issue. It is mandatory to have a location where the café will get the greatest success. In addition, the management ensures a layout strategy that will ensure efficient and effective flow of food and the movement of customer. Scheduling at the company is also taken very seriously. The company carries intensive research to ensure that they offer exceptionally high quality food. The management of the organization believes that putting more effort in research and development is essential for success.

Competing differentiation

Hard Rock café has remained competitive over the years. The competitive advantage of this company can be attributed to differentiation strategy that makes its products different from those of the competitors. Besides having quality food and souvenirs, the company has also invested in inventory and other miscellaneous to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. HRC has consistently emphasized on high quality products thus having an upper hand as compared to the competitors. The use of the 10 operation management decisions like Design of Goods and services , managing quality, process strategy, location strategies, human resources, supply chain management and scheduling  among others have enabled the differentiation strategy of the organization. it is imperative noting that the organization is determined to differentiation strategy that will lead to the best experience.


The operations management decisions at the hard rock café are world class. The qualitative criteria employed at the organization makes it possible to have a competitive advantage. Having the urge of improving customer service and experience makes the organization’s strategic approach envied by others. The strategy can be classified as a success considering the speedy expansion that the company has experienced over the years. I am also pleased by the optimal layout at the café. The easy movement food between bar, kitchen and the dining are improves efficiency at the café. It also leads to reduction in time wastage and reducing transport cost. It provides the organization with n objective layout strategy to develop an effective and efficient lay out that maintains competitiveness.  Nevertheless, the qualitative approach used at the company may at times fail the objectivity test.  For instance, the organization uses the customers’ comments and compliments to assess the productivity of kitchen staff. Biased managers may be subjective and hence compromising the quality of hired staff.



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