Harley-Davidson Strategic Analysis Case Study

Harley-Davidson Strategic Analysis Case Study

For more than a century, Harley-Davidson has been leading in the global motorcycle market. The partnership between Arthur Davidson and Bill Harley in 1903 saw the creation of the Harley-Davidson brand. The brand is widely known for both its famous shield trademark and famous bars that are based on the Milwaukee. It is a publicly traded company and mainly deals with financial services and motorcycles & related products.  Although Harley Davidson Company is mainly concentrated in the European market, there are ongoing efforts to venture in the Asian market.  It is imperative to mention that, five years after founding the company, the two business partners had managed to manufacture more than 150 units.

Over the years, the sales have improved with the brand recording more than 200, 000 annual sales in the USA. Additionally, there has been the creation of more than 1, 300 dealership contracts in the globe. The brand has a holding of 28% in the USA motorcycle market making it the leading motorcycle brand in the USA.  The mission statement of Harley Davidson Company is to fulfill many dreams that are inspired roads as well as offer products that prove unique experiences to the customers. Through its innovative product development processes, the company strives to fuel the passion of its customers

The motorcycle market can be defined as being consolidated and records intense competition from global motorcycle brands. Some of the major brands in the industry include Honda and Suzuki. These players have a large pool of marketing and financial resources that allow them to maintain a dominant position.  Harley Davidson Company offers bikes got leisure, sport and long distance. The entry of other motorcycle brands had prompted the management to come up with a comprehensive supply chain strategy that ensures that the company has significant market shares across the globe. It is worth noting that the operations of Harley Davidson Company can be divided into financing and the motorcycle section.

Under the motorcycle section, it offers different scopes of motorcycles, spare parts and other products. On the other hand, the financing options offer the needed financial incentives required by wholesalers and retailers to propel the operations of Harley Davidson Company.  The finance section further offers insurance covers to the customers. Other than the USA, the Harley Davidson Company has active operations in Asia, Europe and North America. While the company was faced by a financial crisis in 2008 that prompted closure of some plants, it has since resumed active operations across the globe. Currently, there has been a significant development in the luxury division which accounts for a huge portion of the company’s revenues.

Internal Environment Analysis: SWOT Analysis

  1. Strengths
  • The company has in the past years had improved market performances. Harley-Davidson has a well-trained and experienced team that allows for market penetration, launching new products and dealing with the threat of other brands.
  • Harley-Davidson past records indicate that its customers have high satisfaction levels which can be linked to both the quality brand and the HOG initiative. The company has a customer dedicated relationships that ensure their needs are addressed swiftly.
  • The company has a strong dealer community that is spread in different parts of the globe. The dealers serve to move the Harley-Davidson brand into overseas and also serve as the contact between the customers and the company.
  • Over the years, the company has managed to create a strong brand portfolio. The strong brand plays an important role in entering new markets as well as marketing new motorcycles.
  • Additionally, Harley-Davidson has been successful in

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