Health Care Careers

My career goals include the following. First, my goal is to continue learning new techniques that would make me a better physician. I am driven by the desire to be the best, and that is why my goal is to stay current and attend seminars and workshops to develop my skills. Second, I would like to use the knowledge and expertise that I gained from studying Masters in Health Administration to help other people realize their potential. I hope that my master’s degree would help me become a great leader and manager.

I had knowledge about the availability of career services at the University of Phoenix. Previously, I visited the school’s website, and I was able to use the career guidance system to explore both local and international jobs. The website provides assistance with searching for a career of your choice (University of Phoenix, n.d.). When applying for a job a person should have a detailed resume and prepared well for interview (Ricketts, 2011). Since I would like to advance my career as a physician, I would find the website useful. The career exploration tool would help me interact with professional from various fields.



Ricketts, C. (2011). Leadership: Personal development and career success. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar.

University of Phoenix. (n.d.).

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