Health Effects of Birth Control

One way men and women can prevent pregnancy is by using birth control methods. They are various birth control methods that both parties can use to avoid cases of pregnancy. They range from hormonal and artificial ways of preventing the male and female gametes from reaching each other. Hormonal associated technics of birth control will include pills that when correctly taken are always effective. They help ensure ovulation does not take place as no egg is produced implying there is nothing for the sperm to fertilize. Condoms, cervical cap, the vaginal ring, and tubal ligation are among the other ways of birth controls. Birth control pills are however among the most commonly used ways currently. Despite their high chances of success, the birth control pill can suppress the women menstruation cycle. The pills have some health-related effects which include vision problems, blood clots, Yeast infections, Cancer and cardiovascular problems and breakthrough bleeding.

Blood Clots

This is the most uncommon effect of oral contraceptives, but if it would occur, it is severe. According to Bateson et al. (2016) around twenty percent of women who take contraceptives are often at risk of having cases associated with blood clots. Those who are most likely to be at risk include anyone that is over thirty-five years, women with smoking habits, the overweight and any that have recently given birth and are now using birth control pill. Signs of getting blood clots that should be looked out for include breathing problems and chest pains. These could be signals that a person is most likely to have clots in the heart or lungs. Swelling, warmth, and pains in the leg might also indicate that there is clotting on the lower leg. Even though the cases are rare, hormonal changes caused by birth control pills may be the cause of blood clots in the body.

Vision Problems

Birth control pills are associated with hormonal changes which cause the thickening of the cornea. The process will lead to problems with contact lenses fitting correctly. Dry eye symptom is the other problem that is caused by these pills, therefore, affecting vision. That is because of the hormonal changes that send wrong signals to the eyes thus leaving someone with this condition. Some cases have birth control pills as the primary cause of angle glaucoma, and over time those with these problems will have problems with their sight (Stevens et al., 2017). Having this in mind it is clear cut that increased use of oral contraceptive may cause hormonal changes that will lead to problems related to vision.

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection may come as an effect of using the birth control pill. This cases has women with lower estrogen levels and using the medication as the primary victims.  These factors increase the chances of getting a yeast infection. The other case would involve women on the pill with a weak immune system, on a diet with high levels of alcohol or sugar and those that have poorly controlled diabetes. Yeast infection is most likely to result in these cases.  As usual, the symptoms associated with the infection will follow and therefore causing discomfort through itchiness and irritation. These health conditions, therefore, show how association with birth control pills will finally lead to problems associated with yeast infections.

Cancer and Cardiovascular Problems

Using a hormone-based method of birth control increase the chances of developing some form of cancer (Gennari et al., 2015). Among these cases include:

Breast Cancer

In cases where women have been using birth control pills for a long time, primarily as from their teen years, the chances of getting breast cancer are very high. It takes up to ten years of not using the pill that the chances of contracting this type of cancer get back to the same as the person who has never used it.

Cervical Cancer

There are thoughts that human papillomatous (HPV) is directly linked to birth control pills, therefore, highlighting that long term use of the medication increases the risk of getting cervical cancer as compared to individuals who have never used it (Stevens et al., 2017).

Birth control pills can also cause long-term effects that are fatal. That comes mainly from a combination of pills and self-medication. Some versions of the drug can lead to an increase in cardiovascular attacks such as stroke and heart attack. That is the primary reason why it is often advised to ensure that one visits the doctor when seeking advice on the best birth control pill for them. People with a personal or history of blood clots, stroke and heart attack as well as uncontrolled blood pressure should ask their medical provider about alternatives to the birth control. The reason is that they are at high risk of getting attacks when they use these pills without the doctor’s consent.

With this in mind, it is evident that the prolonged usage of birth control pills exposes an individual to cases related to long term health problems. They are fatal, and the risk is only reduced by keeping away from the pill for some time.

Menstruation Control Pill

When taking contraceptives with the purpose of controlling the menstruation cycle, there are both positive and negative effects. It is all dependent on the situation, and that involves the ability to follow the doctor’s prescription as well as the health status of the one taking the pills. The bleeding may at the time be of inconvenience, therefore, leading to the need to delay until whatever is scheduled has been done. Most cases the reason for this would come when having an exam, vacation, athletic event and at times weddings or honeymoons.

Benefits of Menstruation control pills

It might be considered worth taking this pill in cases where an individual has:

Anemia or endometriosis- basically any condition that is worsened by menstruation at that specific time.

Menstrual symptoms such as headaches during the week you decide to take the inactive birth controls.

A mental or physical disability which makes it challenging to use sanitary napkins or tampons

Bloating, breast tenderness and moods swings in about ten days before your period

Heavy prolonged, painful and frequent periods

These are genuine reasons that can allow decisions that deliberately call for using menstruation control pills to help postponed the bleeding. The process is considered safe especially with the consent of the doctor.

Drawbacks Menstruation control pills

When using these pills to control the menstrual flow, some drawbacks may arise (Berry-Bibee et al., 2016). The most common one, in this case, include breakthrough bleeding. During the first few months, when one uses birth control pills, they are more likely to suffer from breakthrough bleeding. However, over time the body adjusts to the new regimen and the bleeding decreases over time. The other problem associated with using this birth control pills is that it makes it difficult to determine when one is pregnant. That means that in the event of morning sickness, unusual fatigue, and breast tenderness the only way to be sure those are wrong signals is by consulting the doctor.

In conclusion, it is evident that various type of birth control measures are laid to suit the primary function which is to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Among the different kinds of birth control and menstruation control method, the pill is seen as the most often used procedure. It, however, might have some health effect on the body’s hormone, therefore, leading to complications. The positive impact of using these pills is that it increases the chances of avoiding mating of male and female gametes. The adverse effects of these pills on the health of the users are also well brought out. Prolonged usages lead to blood clots, yeast infections, visual problems cancer and cardiovascular problems. These problems are caused whenever one has a history of the disease or if they take the pills without the doctor’s prescription. When taken for menstrual control purposes, it often has some benefits and adverse effects. On a bright side, this technique is essential when there comes a situation that needs postponing of the menstrual flow. That might include cases of anemia pains and prolonged periods and in the occurrence of menstrual periods such as headaches. The problem associated with it comes at early stages of usage where one can experience breakthrough bleeding.



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