Health services human resource management

The health service provision is a sector that purely depends on the effectiveness of human resource as a determinant for its efficiency and productivity. Over the course, it is clear to understand the role of effective leadership and the coordination that exit in the office that enables the effeteness required this discussion, therefore, focuses   my perspective of the human resource on the healthcare service

The understanding of the course has a lot of implication on me. First, it has instilled a leadership skill that enables me to be a good manager and a leader in the health facility. In this case, it has helped me to have an understanding of what is required to keep health service workers on morale. One such technique id the teamwork that will allow the employees to share roles and uplift each other n in their quest to provide a patient-centered service to the facility. The management of human resource, therefore, is based on being close to the workers and motivates them to through proper reward for their service in the sector.

The second way through which the course helps is the understanding of how to deal with different cases of employees’ situation. It requires the proper arrangement of the paths through ensuring proper listening to the concerns of the employees in the sector. This keen listening and creating an environment of democracy will enable the employees to feel like part of the facility making them produce their best in the service delivery to the patient. The effectiveness if the human resource, therefore, depends on the effectiveness of the leadership that comes with it in the health sector.

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