Heart diseases related questions

DQ 1

Hypertension also known as high blood pressure is nowadays a common illness whereby the flow of blood in the arteries or vessels happens at a higher pressure in comparison to the normal.  This disease can be caused by having specific medical issues as well as consuming high levels of sodium. Hypertension could also be caused by taking some medicines like over the counter could relief medicines and birth control pills. To be able to prevent this disease, it is vital for every person aged three years and above to go for blocking checking annually. The tiniest rise in blood pressure may damage and cause a person’s blood vessels to get weak. Therefore it is essential for physicians to recommend a change to healthy lifestyles to aid in controlling higher blood pressure. Uncontrolled or simply undiagnosed hypertension may lead to severe other complication like a heart attack, stroke and chronic kidney diseases, eye damage and heart failure amongst others. I would advise that if a person has developed the disease, it is critical for them to continue with their plan of treatment.

DQ 2

Change of lifestyle is not only one of the best protection against diseases that affect the heart, but it is also the patient’s responsibility. Some of the lifestyle changes that need to be included for people with these heart-related diseases include:

Choosing proper nutrition – healthy diet is the best defense that one needs to fight cardiovascular diseases. The kind of food that the patient consumes may affect some other manageable risk elements like blood pressure, overweight, and cholesterol. To be able to sustain a decent weight, it is crucial for the patient to match a healthy diet with physical exercise activity level. Obesity would place the patient at a higher risk of high blood pressure, insulin resistance and high amounts of cholesterol which are the factors which, increases the chances of cardiovascular illnesses.

It is vital for the patient to stop smoking if they used to and limit alcohol – if the patient smokes then it is critical for them to stop and if they live with people who smoke, it will be necessary to encourage them to stop. Smoking increases the chances of attack attacks or even stroke. Drinking alcohol can lead to higher triglycerides, producing irregular hearts beats.

Managing heart diseases needs constant communication between the patient and their doctor. It is essential to understand the suggested lifestyle changes may have various effects on the medication used. For instance, exercise may change some medications prescribed and also some of the drugs may affect the intensity of physical activity. It is also vital noting that some of the medication might change the maximal and resting rate of the heart, ability to sweat and generally the rate of metabolism.


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