HEENT Case Study

The case patient presents with several symptoms including a sore throat, headache, nasal discharge, dysphagia, and fever. Objective data shows that her tonsils red, swollen, and with white patches. Such symptoms lead to different ways of thought concerning her diagnosis since she reports no history of recent upper respiratory infection. As such, a study of differential diagnoses and several tests are required to determine her definitive diagnosis.

Differential Diagnoses

  1. Strep Throat

CPT ICD-1O Code- J02.0

            Strep throat is a bacterial condition that causes soreness in the human throat. It mostly affects children, and adults can also be infected. Symptoms of this disease include painful throat, fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting. On examining the throat, red and swollen tonsils may be observed. Also, white patches appear on the tonsils. Palpation of the neck reveals tender cervical lymph nodes.

  1. Acute Epiglottitis

CPT ICD-10 Code- J05-11

Acute epiglottitis occurs when the epiglottitis swells to the extent of blocking the w

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